'Me time' and working mothers (with video)

Published On: December 20, 2018 08:03 PM NPT By: Srishti Shah

Parenting for today's Nepali parents is a combination of traditional advices and solutions drawn from internet forums. It is a reflection of how we, the urban Nepali youth, live our lives – a fine balance between keeping up with changing times and accommodating traditional aspects and expectations. Especially as new parents, many of us often struggle with balancing social requirements unique to each of our communities while keeping up with our evolving roles in the society. Women are juggling a plethora of tasks that accompany changing gender roles and are happy to try advices on motherhood forums on the net. Apps track our pregnancies and infant development while home remedies from grandmothers help ease children’s cold and digestive problems.

As part of this balancing act we see many new parents around us picking up tips and trends that are shared on social media. We may wave off some of these trends as we do any other new age trends defining it as getting aboard the trendy bandwagon whether it is relevant to our lifestyle or not. But, there are several parenting buzzwords you read of on parenting apps or social media that are actually relevant to the urban Nepali mother’s challenges just as they are solving problems for women around the world. Kamana Shah is a working mother who feels that some parenting trends that are taken lightly as just some new-age buzzword actually deserve attention. She shares her experience with how taking out ‘me time’ or time dedicated to herself has helped her perform better as a mother and a working professional. In this video she shares why ‘me time’ for working mothers like her is not just a leisure choice but crucial for women who are striving to perform in their various roles by giving them time to reenergize and refocus their efforts.

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