Mayor, engineer clash sends foul smell to residents

Published On: August 1, 2018 01:52 PM NPT

LAHAN, Aug 1: Local residents were elated when they got their representatives after two decades. The residents believed that post elections, their villages and cities would transform with expansion of roads, electricity and sanitation.

However, under the direction of mayor of Lahan municipality, garbage collection along the highway has come to a halt for the past 15 days. With it, there has been an increase in foul smell in the surrounding areas.

The mayor, Muni Sah Sudi reached the decision after Division Road Office declined to widen seven kilometers of the highway that falls inside the municipality’s vicinity. “After the Road Division’s engineer, Ram Kumar Dev declined to expand the road that fell inside the municipality, we have decided to halt garbage collection in the particular stretch,” Shah said.

The engineer, on the other hand, accused the mayor of an unwanted uprising by creating an agenda. The mayor has said that unless the 103 feet is expanded, the municipality would continue to halt waste collection. The road stretch consists of shops, hotels and industries that produce daily waste on large quantities.

Ashok Agrawal, central member of FNCCI said that the municipality was appalling. “The industries provide huge tax to the municipality. Yet, the municipality is turning its back to the very people. It is wrong of the municipality.”  

The municipality’s decision has also drawn attention of hospitals, especially during monsoon. “Improper waste disposal can lead to various epidemics during monsoon,” Dr. Sunil Kushawa, medical superintendent at Lahan Hospital said. “As the wastes are washed away, it can contaminate water sources and result in diarrhea, dysentery and dengue.”  While improper wastes can lead to vector and water borne disease outbreaks across.

“Not just during monsoon, poor waste management can lead to various ailments throughout the year.”

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