Martadi reeling under water shortage for two weeks

Published On: June 10, 2019 04:44 PM NPT By: RSS

BAJURA, June 10: The district headquarters of Bajura district in State 7 has been facing a water crisis of drinking water for two weeks, but the authorities concerned are least bothered.

The local government, Badimalika municipality, is blamed for not taking serious measures for water supply depriving over 17,000 population of the town of safe drinking water.

The local government has allegedly spent millions of rupees to improve the water supply system, but the locals continue to be affected by a lack of access to clean drinking water, according to local Buddhi Bogati. The Martadi folks are forced to spend for hours on end to manage a jar of water, which has additionally increased the workload of women and children.

Women are the first responsible group to manage water for household use due to traditional gender roles, and children are used as an accessible labor force to assist in the household chores including water management. Greater Martadi drinking and sanitation consumers' committee manager Surya Kiran BK assured that the situation would be addressed by mid-July.

As the committee said, it has over 400 clients including the government and non-government offices and local households. Not only Martadi, which is struggling to provide safe drinking water to its increasing population with limited water resources, but water shortage is also a common problem for most parts of the district as water resources here are turning dry day by day lately due to drought. 

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