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Published On: January 12, 2018 09:54 AM NPT By: Ashma Chhetri

Finding the right and reliable manpower during technical breakdowns that invariably occur at our homes, hotels, or workplace can be quite a hassle. Even if we do find one, chances are neither do they bother to provide routine re-checkups nor do they guarantee good services for reasonable charges. It was because of these reasons Bimal Bastola and his friends came up with the idea of Ek Call Home Solutions.

“We are a team of young engineers, business students, chartered accountants and technicians who came together to find a permanent solution for the major issues that people face when it comes to having things repaired,” says Bastola. 

Ek Call Home Solutions is an initiation in Pokhara that provides reliable technicians in order to solve all kinds of household problems related to electricity, plumbing, carpentry, painting and many more. It also lets people rent tools like body fat analyzing machine, metal grinder, ladders, etc. for those willing to work on their own.

As its name suggests, all these services will be at your doorstep following just a single phone call. Bastola says there would have been no better name than this for their foundation.  

Bastola claims that the absolute safety of their clients during the repairing process is their first priority. Due to this, random workers aren’t hired at this home solution service. Instead, it focuses on using only extremely experienced and professional technicians. 

Before the hiring process, their background, his/her skill set, behavior and manner, everything is well examined and analyzed. However, there have been cases where, after the first service from the company, many people tried building direct contact with the technicians itself for further future home fixes. Here, Bastola quickly clarifies that unless the workers are referred from their company, they are not responsible for any kinds of errors and clients get no right to complain to them in case of bad quality work.

The company charges their clients on the basis of the location where the service is needed and the complexity of work. He says that the minimum charge begins from Rs 500, which they accept only after completing the work. “We aim for the complete satisfaction of our customers. This is why we accept the pay only when the task is completed safely and securely,” he states. 

The amount is inclusive of a warranty service for the next 21 days. During the three weeks’ time, if the customer has the same issue then the company takes care of it at no additional charge. But after the 21 days’ timeframe, customers need to pay for the services again.  

The company addresses the problem within four hours of reporting, depending on urgency of the situation. Depending on how big and important the task is technicians are sent to the venue as soon as possible. And as for paying the workers, the company’s current approach is to hire the technicians on commission basis, according to the complaints they receive. 

However, in near future, they plan to employ workers on salary basis so that they will be fully employed by the company. The company also wants to maximize their services and network to reach people outside Pokhara as well.


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