Nagarik journo Madan Chaudhary elected president of Tharu Journalist Association

Published On: November 6, 2017 01:47 PM NPT

SUNSARI,Nov 6:  Madan Chaudhary has been  elected as the new president  of Tharu Journalist Association Nepal on Sunday. The election was held at Jhumka where Chaudhary defeated his opponnent Pradip Lekhi by 36 votes  out of total 50 votes. Lekhi collected 14 votes.

Likewise, Sanjay Chaudhary  was unanimously declared as the vice-president of the association . For the post of Genenral Secretary, Kishwor Chaudhari defeated Bishwa Raj Pachalangiya.  Whereas,Indu Chaudhari  beat Shailendra Chaudhari  for the post of Secretary .She garnered 34 votes to secure the position. The unanimous decision elected Pratima Chaudhari as the treasurer of the association. 

A total of 12 central members of the associaiton were elected as the members of the association. Kuldip Chaudhary (Sunsari), Dushyant Chaudhary (Bara), Shanta Kumar Chaudhary (Chitwan), Raju Chaudhary (Chitwan), Kamal  Chaudhary (Butwal), Santosh Dahit (Dang), Pushpa Chaudhary (Bardia), Unnati Chaudhary  (Kailali), Sita Ram Chaudhary (Kathmandu), Bunu Chaudhary (Kathmandu), Sahadev Chaudhary (Kathmandu) and Laxmi Chaudhary (Kathmanndu) are the elected  new members.

Addressing the conference after being elected as the new president, Chaudhary said," this victory belongs to all Tharu jornalists and the time has come for them to get united.

“We are exercising democratic process, no one is defeated, everyone has won.Thus, we must be united and work together for the empowerment of Tharu journalists.” 

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