Logo ready for members of provincial parliament in Province 2

Published On: February 2, 2018 05:00 AM NPT By: Suresh Yadav

JANAKPUR, Feb 2: An all-party meeting called by the governor of Province 2 on Thursday finalized the dress code, logo design and identity cards for the members of the provincial assembly.

The meeting decided that the provincial parliament members should compulsorily wear a coat of coffee color to take part in provincial assembly meetings. Besides the coat which is compulsory, the members have the freedom to wear any uniform that showcases their culture and identity, such as daura suruwal and kurta surwal.

“Members can wear any dress but they must have a coat of the specified color. The meeting has decided,” said Banshi Raj Paudel, coordinator of the team returning from the parliament secretariat.

According to him, marshals are required to wear white shirt, coat and blue pants like the ones used by the government workers. “Another meeting on Saturday will discuss the dress codes for other employees,” he added. 

The meeting on Thursday also finalized the design of the logo and identity cards for members of the provincial parliament. The logo will bear a picture of the Janaki Temple on green hills. The logo was proposed by legislator Ram Ashish Yadav of Federal Socialist Forum Nepal. After some discussions, everyone present in the meeting agreed on it.

Provincial Chief Ratneshwar Lal had called the meeting in the meeting hall of the District Administration Office of Dhanusha. The meeting saw around two dozen attendees, including representatives of all the political parties represented in the provincial parliament, a team of parliament secretariat officials, and officials of the provincial assembly secretariat.

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