Local units preferred choice in civil service adjustments

Published On: January 19, 2019 06:47 AM NPT

KATHMANDU, Jan 19: An overwhelming majority of civil servants who submitted online applications mentioning the adjustments of their choice in the three tiers of government, seem to prefer local units over the federal and provincial governments. 

According to the Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration (MoFAGA), altogether 75,367 civil servants have submitted applications for adjustment in the three tiers. 

The number of choices by civil servants for local units in their preferred adjustment under the new setup stands at 345,225. 

There are a total of 753 local governments under the new federal setup. MoFAGA had allowed civil servants to make multiple choices for their adjustment. Even those preferring adjustment in the federal and provincial governments were allowed to tick local units also as possible options. 

While the number of employees selecting provincial governments is 58,623, the number in the case of the federal government is 46,270. Officials said the numbers of those choosing to serve with local governments suggest that there won’t be any big problem filling  vacant positions at the local level as was earlier feared. 

As per the Office and Management (O&M) Survey endorsed by the cabinet, there will now be a total of 47,920 government employees in the federal government, 22,755 in the provinces and 67,503 in the local governments.

According to Joint Secretary at MoFAGA Kedar Prasad Paneru, the civil servants are adjusted automatically to the different tiers of government as per the criteria developed in software. “Even those not filing the applications mentioning preferred choices are to be automatically adjusted,” said Paneru, who oversees the civil servants adjustment process. 

Over 89,000 government employees are being adjusted in the federal, provincial and local governments within this month. These include 73,181 civil servants. The remaining are employees recruited under different government services including those hired locally for local administration work.


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