Local units facilitating people in Damak

Published On: March 26, 2018 07:00 AM NPT By: YUVRAJ BIWAS

DAMAK, March 26: These days, the office of Gauriganj Rural Municipality is often packed with people especially on Thursday and Friday. In fact, there is hardly any space in the workstation of Vice-Chairperson Dipendra Thapa during these two days. From early morning till late evening, Thapa is busy resolving and reconciling the issues of people. Earlier, these cases used to be solved in police stations but now they are handled by the Rural Municipality Office.

People mostly visit the office with cases of domestic violence, property disputes among others. According to Vice-Chairperson Thapa, almost all the cases except serious offenses are resolved by the rural municipality. 

"I have always tried to provide justice to the people and I think I have been successful in doing so," said Thapa. Of late, police have started pressurizing the rural municipality to solve serious cases too. 

The number of people knocking the doors of the District Administration Office (DAO) has decreased significantly since their problems started getting addressed by the rural municipality. "Around 10 to 12 cases are resolved in a week," informed Vice-Chair Thapa. He also said that the locals can move the district court if they are dissatisfied with the decision of the rural municipality.

Meanwhile, Keshav Bhattarai of Kamal Rural Municipality informed that they no longer have to reach to the District Education Office (DEO) for minor works since the formation of the local government. But that does not mean local government has the authority to handle all legal affairs, according to Bhattarai. 

Even the officials of livestock office don't have to go to the district headquarters to receive grants. Badri Bhattarai, chief of Livestock Department of Kamal Rural Municipality informed that the district offices will be shut within a few weeks as their works have been conducted by the local units.

This has widely benefited the farmers who had to reach to Chandragadhi for receiving various agricultural grants.


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