Local reps disappointed over uninformed inspections

Published On: March 12, 2018 03:30 AM NPT By: DB Buda

JUMLA, Mar 12: The local representatives of Jumla have expressed disappointment towards the government bodies which have been carrying out inspections of the local units without coordinating with them. 

According to the representatives, it is very important to coordinate with the local units before inspecting any of their development plans and projects. They say that the inspections without pre-information will be meaningless. Gangadevi Upadhyaya, vice chairperson of Tatopani Rural Municipality, told Republica that such inspections may pose some problems while handing over development projects to the local units. 

According to her, some local representatives are doing their monopoly in the name of development and that's why various authorities are carrying out such inspections. As the representatives are aware about each and every project, they might protest against the uninformed inspection and that's why the authorities don't pre-inform them about their inspections.
As the programs conducted by various government bodies such as agriculture, health, education, livestock development among others have been ineffective in the district, representatives speculate that the inspection must have been conducted to find out the reasons behind the failure.

Bishnu Budha, deputy chief of Tila Rural Municipality, says it would have been easier to hand over the projects if the representatives were included in the inspection. 
The representatives of not only Tila and Tatopani but also several other local units of the district have expressed great disappointment over being kept in the dark about the inspections. Government bodies have expedited their inspection of local units, accusing them of not conducting large-scale projects and focusing on ineffective small projects. Vice Chairperosn Upadhyaya stressed that no matter what the purpose of the inspection is, transparency is very important.

The local representatives have demanded to include the chiefs of the local units in such inspections.

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