Limbuwan Study Center sets up Academic Revolving Fund

Published On: June 30, 2016 02:01 PM NPT By: KULCHAND PHOMBO  | @@kulchandphombo

KATHMANDU, June 30: Kirant Yakthung Chumlung (KYC), Lalitpur has established an Academic Revolving Fund of Rs 3 million for the promotion of Limbu cultures, language and indigenous skills on Thursday. 

Set up under the name of Bishnudatta-Saraswati Angbuhang Academic Revolving Fund, the fund has been created by Calgary-based Nepali Canadian nationals Bishnudatta Angbuhang and his wife Swaraswari Karki (Angbuhang).

Bishnudatta Angbuhang handed over a check of Rs 3 million to Arjun Limbu, coordinator of the Limbuwan Study Center (LSC), after it was announced by former Chancellor of Nepal Academy Bairagi Kainla at a program in Shobhahiti, Lalitpur yesterday.

According to Dambar Tembe, a member of the LSC, the objective of the Academic Revolving Fund is to help carry out research works and study for the promotion of Limbu culture, language, indigenous knowledge and skills.

The LSC said the scholarships will be awarded to those scholars who contribute to the field of Limbu language, culture and indigenous knowledge and skills from the interest accrued under the fund, which will be managed and operated by the LSC.

Under this fund, two kinds of awards will be provided - research fellowship and academic award. The research award will be provided annually while the latter one every two years to those who contribute to the promotion of Limbu culture, language and indigenous knowledge.

LSC member Khagendra Jabegu delivered a welcome speech, casting light on the institute while Dambar Tembe spoke of the Bishnudatta-Swaraswari Angbuhang Academic Fund including a brief biography of fund contributor philanthropist Bishnudatta Angbuhang.

In the program, KYC advisor duo Manjul Kumar Yakthungba and Dr Chaitanya Subba, youth writer Yug Pathak, Prof. Dr. Narayan Sangraula, KYC Central Chairman Uttam Singh Thangden expressed their views, lauding the couple for their selfless contribution to set up the fund. 

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