Lawmakers call for effective disaster early warning system

Published On: July 24, 2019 04:46 PM NPT By: RSS

KATHMANDU, July 24: Lawmakers have called for developing systematic early warning systems (EWS) about the possibility of natural disaster so as to reduce its risk and potential loss.

Airing their views in a session of the National Assembly (NA) today, the Upper House members blamed the development endeavors undertaken without technical study for increasing the disaster risk and loss. Dilkumari Rawal Thapa (Parbati) said the incessant rain occurred after July 11 caused the big loss of lives and physical property in the absence of preparedness.

She demanded that early warning systems should be further systematized to make people alert to possible danger and take precautions. Chakra Prasad Snehi accused the government of overlooking the issues of 18,000 plus two teachers. He stressed that their professional security should be ensured through an internal competition.

He urged the government to come up with a bill towards that end. He also apprised the House that the 'no-sale' provision for land given to the endangered Raute people in Dadeldhura had caused a problem, seeking its solution.

Taradevi Bhatta accused the Shuklahanta Reserve of snatching the land of Kanchanpur 's victim farmers. Despite the court order in the favor of victims, the issue remained unsolved. Stating that the issues of landless squatters in Kanchanpur were not addressed despite the distribution of 4000 land ownership certificates, she demanded the government manage the landless squatters.

Komal Oli drew the government's attention towards the prompt and proper rehabilitation of those displaced by the landslide at Satyawati rural municipality in Gumli by ensuring compensation to the bereaved families. She also took time to draw the attention of the House towards activities conducted through the local consumers' committee without plans.

"Though the use of machines while working through consumers committee is banned, the provision has not been implemented." She demanded the bodies concerned to adopt preparedness against a natural disasters like earthquake, flood, landslide, and fire.

Similarly, another lawmaker Jitendra Narayan Dev said that the government should reach to the same conclusion by making natural disaster as the issue of discussion as natural disaster takes place every year while Suman Raj Pyakurel said that arrangement of relief package should be made as a shortage of food stuffs takes place due to natural disaster.

Pyakurel also drew the government's attention to remain alert about snakebite and insects at flood, inundation hit areas. Saying youths have started Save Kamala river campaign, lawmaker Mukta Kumari Yadav said that problem of flood, landslide and inundation be resolved if save campaign is launched by stopping destroy chure. Lawmaker Ram Narayan Bidari demanded putting an end to the lenient provisions regarding the sale of liquor.

"Even a six year old can go and buy alcohol. There are liquor shops along side drug stores. What kind of regulation is this," he wondered. Lawmaker Bidari called for making provision for strict regulation of sale of liquor and designating places for this. He also expressed concern over growing number of road accidents and the lack of enough sidewalks along the roads in many places.

Even the existing pavements are narrow, merely six inches wide at places on the Tripureshwar-Thankot road. Lawmaker Meena Budha drew the government's attention towards minimizing disaster risk by developing sound early warning system. Committee report tabled Meanwhile, Legislation Management Committee president Parashuram Meghi Gurung presented the report of the Committee on Evidence (Second Amendment) Bill, 2075 in the National Assembly meeting today.

The bill had originated in the National Assembly and it had sent the bill to the Legislation Management Committee after holding clause-wise discussions on it. Altogether 12 lawmakers had proposed an amendment to a total 22 points of the bill. The committee had held discussion on the bill in the formal and informal meetings.

Committee president Gurung informed the Assembly session today that the Minister for Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs, the Attorney General, the Chair of Nepal Law Commission, employees of the Ministry and subject experts had participated in the discussions on the bill. The National Assembly will next meet at 1 pm on July 28.

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