Last minute saviors

Published On: January 26, 2018 08:26 AM NPT By: The Week Bureau

Admit it, it’s happened to all of you at least once. You packed our travel bag in a hurry and completely forgot to take some essential cosmetic products. Or you knew you just had a few drops of foundation left but still thought it would last one more application till it didn’t and you were left without an important makeup product to get your look right. When this happens, knowing how to utilize other products to fill in for something that you don’t have can sometimes be lifesaving. Here, The Week has complied some beauty tips and product’s substitutes to ensure you never ever have to face any beauty emergency again. 

Impromptu lipstick or lip gloss 

Eye shadow is the most convenient alternative product that you can use in place of a lipstick or lip gloss. For this, take a small empty container and fill it with some petroleum jelly. From your eye shadow palette, sprinkle your favorite eye shadow on top and mix the two with the help of a small brush or a stick. Add more petroleum jelly or eye shadow till you get the color you want. Freeze this for half an hour and voila, your lipstick is ready.

DIY Makeup remover
Removing your makeup is the most essential part of a daily skin care regime. So, what do you do when you find out that you’ve run out of makeup remover just as you are getting ready for bed? The answer is easy: simply use some coconut oil or any other kind of baby oil instead of your regular makeup remover. Oils are the most effective ingredients to break down waxy products such as eyeliner, mascara, or foundations. Take a cotton ball and put a few drops of your chosen oil on it. Now rub your face in circular motions with it and you will find that not only your makeup has been removed but your skin feels supple and smooth to touch as well.  

More nail polish to remove nail polish 
You wanted to change your nail paint but you are out of varnish remover. Here’s what you can do: Use perfume or nail polish itself. Ethyl acetate is the key ingredient in your nail polish remover and it is present in your perfume as well. Simply spritz a cotton ball with some perfume till it’s soaked. Then wipe off your nail paint. You might need stronger strokes but it will do the job. While using nail polish, choose a darker shade than the one you have on. Apply a thick coat on top of the nail paint you have on and then wipe it off before it dries.

Shaving cream substitute 
When you run out of shaving cream and dry shaving isn’t your think, simply reach for your conditioner bottle. Many people use soap when they run out of shaving cream but soap not only dries the skin, it also makes shaving a tab bit difficult because it’s not creamy and doesn’t have moisturizing benefits. Conditioners, on the other hand, are just perfect for a smooth shave because of its moisturizing properties. Apply hair conditioner to the area you want to shave and then shave as usual. It’s as easy as that. 

Easy eyeliner
Mascara and eyeliner are quite similar to each other so you can simply dip your eyeliner’s brush into your mascara bottle when you have run out of eyeliner and use that instead. You can also apply the same trick when you run out of mascara. Simply dip your mascara brush into the eyeliner bottle or pour some liner over the brush if the brush doesn’t fit into it. Remember, while this works well for emergencies, they are not permanent substitutes. Also, you can use eye shadows in place of a liner. Take your angled brush and wet the tip with plain water. Then apply some damp eye shadow along your lash line. 

Foundation fix 
Why search for the right foundation when your concealer can do this very job well. Simply mix a little bit of your concealer with the moisturizer you use and apply that instead of using foundations. Liquid concealers will give you better results than waxy ones. You can also mix face powders with creams and apply it evenly to get the same effect you would when using foundations. 

Anything goes for blusher
You can use eye shadow or lipstick to get that perfect blush. From your shadow palette, select a rosy hue and apply that on your cheeks with a blusher brush. You can also use your fingers to dab in the color. The same goes for lipsticks as well. Just rub some lipstick on your hands and then uniformly rub it over your cheeks like cream. Whatever product you choose to use, be gentle and light with it to get the right shade of blush. 

Highlighter hacks 
A good highlighter can complete your look but if you don’t have one then eye shadows, body lotions, and concealers too can come to the rescue. Choose shimmering shades such as champagne or pearl from your eye shadow palette and pour it into a small container. Squeeze a few pumps of your face or body lotion into it and mix them together. If you are using a concealer for highlighting purposes, simply pick a lighter shade. Really, it’s as simple as that. 

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