Last minute DIY gift ideas

Published On: December 30, 2016 12:49 AM NPT By: REYA SHREYA RAI

Still don’t have a gift for your cherished one? Instead of just reaching into your wallet to buy a hurried gift, why don’t you try something new today? Reya Shreya Rai guides you through some super cute DIY ideas so that you can ‘make’ something for your loved ones.

Owl Stand

Materials needed

An empty roll of toilet paper, yellow paint and a marker

- Roll the top edges of the roll within itself.

- Paint the roll yellow.

- After it’s completely dry, make an owl design on it.

- Trace the edges with a marker and you’re good to go.

Pun bee box

Materials needed

Discarded box, yellow paint, a paintbrush and a marker

- Take a discarded box and coat it with a lot of tissue papers and fevicol.

- After the tissue mixture dries up completely, paint it yellow.

- Take a marker and draw a rough sketch of a bee on it and write ‘Bee Yourself’

Sly fox Bookmark

Materials needed

A sturdy paper, a pair of scissors and a blue  glitter pen

- Make a fox design on a piece of hard paper. Cut out the shape.

- Color it with the glitter pen and trace it with a black marker.

- For extra protection so that the glitter won’t rub off cover it with tape from both sides and cut it in accordance to the shape. Cut the fox’s mouth from the middle.

- Slide on to mark a page. 

Moon card

Materials needed

A sturdy piece of paper, paint, paintbrush and a glue stick

- Cut out circular shapes in cardboard and paint earths and moons roughly on both sides.

- Take a piece of colorful paper and write your message.

- Stick it within the card as directed and fold it nicely.

- Give it to your loved one to brighten their day. 

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