Lack of road compels Sertung locals to transport goods on mules

Published On: September 25, 2018 09:10 AM NPT By: Sarita Shrestha

DHADING, Sept 25: With the arrival of Hindu's greatest festival Dashain, locals of Sertung of Rubi Valley Rural Municipality are compelled to transport their goods on mules due to the lack of road connectivity. These days Man Singh Tamang of this village is seen making rounds of the market with his mules. By wrapping packs of rice, oil, salt and other food items on their backs, Tamang walks along the extremely difficult route of his village.

"The festival season is nearing but we have no means of transportation and most importantly no road for the supply of goods," said Tamang, adding, "Due to the lack of road connectivity, we have been using mules as the means of transportation since ages." While going to the market, the locals carry their agricultural products such as potatoes, maize among others to sell in the market and while returning they purchase rice, salt and oil.

Even in this 21st century, mules are still an important means of transportation in areas lacking road connectivity. While transporting goods with the help of mules, the locals have to pay Rs 10 to 25 per kg. Currently, there are around 400 mules in northern Dhading that are being used for carrying goods. From Dhadingbesi to Dundure of Darkha, vehicles are used for transporting goods. However, after that it is the work for mules.

Villagers living in Lapa, Sertung, Jharlang among others do not have access to road. Vehicular movement is often halted in the monsoon in most of the other villages of the district due to the miserable condition of roads. In such situation, mules are the only means of transportation for the people here.

These days Naresh Tamang of Tipling spends his days transporting goods on his 12 mules. "A lot of our relatives will visit our home during Dashain. We will have to offer food and delicacies to them," said Naresh, adding, "As there are no vehicles, the food carried by us is not enough for all. So we have to rely on mules." 

Torrential rainfall has not just damaged the road but also the route used by locals and mules. Some parts of the road have caved in due to incessant rainfall while most parts have been obstructed due to landslide.

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