KMC doing nothing to transform Balaju Baisdhara into a film city

Published On: November 18, 2018 09:31 AM NPT By: SHUVAM DHUNGANA

KATHMANDU, Nov 18: The annual program of fiscal year 2017/18 of Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) has clearly stated that a film city will be built around Balaju Park and Nagarjun forest area.

But officials at the metropolitan office themselves are unknown about the plan. The annual program of metropolis has stated that, ''The area including Balaju Baisdhara and Nagarjun forest area which is in the ownership of Kathmandu Metropolitan City will be developed as a film city''.

When asked about the latest situation of the project, KMC Spokesperson Gyanendra Karki said he knew nothing about the project.

But when reminded by Ganesh Prasad Thapaliya, administrative chief of KMC, about the plan, Karki said the project is yet to move forward.

Later, he said that the plan to develop the area as a film city is underway and that film shooting activities have taken place in the recent days in the parks and that KMC has planned to make it bigger and more organized.

The Balaju Park was developed around 57 years ago as per the direction by the then King Mahendra Shah. The area covers 62 ropanis of land. The Baisdhara section of the park is regarded for its religious and cultural importance as well.

Some music video producers often shoot their videos in the area. Due to the lack of specific shooting place in the capital, KMC had planned to allow film shooting in the park and make it more organized and bigger in the future. But nothing much has been done towards that end so far. 

Filmmaker Sanjeev Ratna Shakya said the authorities first need to make the area clean and ensure greenery round the year so that it is good for film shooting. “Likewise, electricity should be supplied round the clock and there should be washrooms, changing rooms and other preparations should be there,” Shakya told Republica. “Also, certain equipment, studio facility should be there.”

During the local election, the candidates who are now elected and those from other political parties, had promised to develop Kathmandu as the most attractive city in the world. But, more than a year after the election, they have utterly failed to translate their promises into action. The announcement to make Balaju Park a film shooting spot is just a case in point. 

Like the plan to transform Balaju Baisdhara into a film city, there are dozens of other plans that were introduced in the annual program of KMC but are now in limbo. Opening of hotels, restaurant, shopping malls for 24 hours in Kathmandu metropolis are some other examples with no progress at all.

The plan of building pedestrian bridges in the capital is the third plan which is in limbo. The annual program of the metropolis says that pedestrian bridges will be built in Tripureshwar, Kalimati, Thapathali, Babarmahal, and Maitighar. When asked about the plan to build these infrastructures, KMC Spokesperson Karki said there is no progress in any of these projects. 

Similarly, nothing has been done to build waiting places for passengers at the bus stations in Bhrikutimandap, Sundhara, Chabahil Chowk, Koteshwar, Baneshwar as stated in the KMC annual plan.

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