Khotang becoming self-sufficient in bottled water

September 14, 2017 04:45 AM Republica

KHOTANG, Sept 14: Khotang is becoming self-sufficient in bottled water. Local factory, Khotang Aqua Mineral Water Industry, has been supplying bottled water to major market areas of the district like district headquarters Diktel as well as Bijule, Arkhaule, Halesi and Jayaram.

Before the industry came into operation, hotels here were importing bottled water from Tarai districts. Hoteliers say local production has displaced imported bottled water.

Phurba Sherpa, proprietor of Khotang Aqua Mineral Water Industry, said that his company enjoys 95 percent share in the district's bottled water market. “It feels great to know that my product has displaced products imported from other districts. Supply from Tarai districts is very less now that too in winter months,” he added.

Khotang Aqua Mineral Water Industry was established in 2015 with the aim to utilize local water resources and displaced imported bottled water. It has been selling bottled water branded as 'Mirmire Jal'. It produces around 1,000 liters of bottled water every day.

Apart from local hotels and eateries, people traveling through the districts are the major buyers of 'Mirmire Jal'. Likewise, it is also consumed in meetings, ceremonies and other programs organized in Diktel and surrounding areas. 

“Earning from the business is satisfactory,” Sherpa told Republica. “We supply 2,500 cartons of water to the market every month,” he added.

The company has water processing plant in Hurlung of Rupakot Majhuwagadi Municipality. It produces 100 cartons of processed water on a daily basis. 

The local product has displaced importer package water also because it is cheaper. While imported packaged water cost Rs 30 per bottle, locally produced water sells for Rs 20 per bottle only. 

The source of water in Rupakot hills is considered fresh and clean. Many locals use water from this source for their daily use. 

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