Khotang administration, police criticized for failure to arrest killers of three women

Published On: July 29, 2017 03:49 AM NPT

KHOTANG, July 29: Lawmakers, representatives of political parties and locals of Khotang have widely criticized the district administration and police for their failure to nab the perpetrators involved in the murder of three women even after months. 

On February 8, seventeen years old Rita Tamang of Khotehang Rural Municipality-9 and on May 30, fifty-six years old Gyanimaya Bishwokarma of Halesi Tuwachung Municipality-7 were killed. Similarly, recently on July 19, thirty-six years old Devi Bk of Jantedhunga Rural Municipality-6 was killed. 

Police have not been able to book the culprits of any of the murders. Speaking at the recently held first district assembly, parliament member Bishal Bhattarai said, “As long as the murders are not arrested, women in our locality are not safe.” He further said that negligence from the police and local administration has encouraged the criminals, putting security of women at risk.  

Meanwhile, former lawmaker Durga Jayanti Rai urged the administration and police to arrest the criminals at the earliest. “How long will women have to run for their security and how long will the criminals roam free without any fear?” she asked and blamed 'police negligence' for such crimes in society.

An employee at a Simpani-based hotel, Rita's body was recovered from the Kusheaunsi forest. Her body was found 40 meters below the road. She had deep injuries in her head; her right eye and some of her teeth were broken and she had a deep cut in her chin. According to the police, Rita was gang raped, brutally beaten and then murdered.

Similarly, Gyanimaya was returning home after cutting grass for her livestock when she was attacked. The place where she was killed is just a five-minute walk from the Area Police Office.

Likewise, Devi was returning from her parental home when she was killed in Chimaha forest at Kahule of Jantedhunga Rural Municipality-3. Her body was found 500 meters below the road. Her head was badly bleeding and her clothes below her waist were taken off, making her death more suspicious. Locals submitted a memorandum to the local administration and staged protests in front of the Area Police Office and Jantedhunga Rural Municipality Office.

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