Kalaiya Sub-metropolis moves against pavement encroachment

Published On: January 28, 2020 09:21 AM NPT By: Upendra Yadav

BARA, Jan 28: Kalayia Sub-Metropolitan City has started vacating the encroached pavements in Kaliaya market area starting Monday. In order to keep the city clean and beautify it by ending the encroachment of pavements, the sub-metropolis used excavators and also took the help of security personnel. 

Some people had built physical structures on the pavements to run various businesses, making the pavements ugly. The mayor of  Kalayia Sub-Metropolitan City, Rajesh Raya Yadav, said, “We acted following complaints by the locals. They said that they were having difficulty in walking on the footpath due to illegally-erected huts and other structures.”

"We had to use force as the businesspersons did not pay heed to our warnings to vacate the encroached footpaths," he added. 

Public places including roadsides were largely encroached upon in the past years as there were no authorities to control encroachment. The sub-metropolis has however taken a strict measure against such encroachments of late.  

The campaign is led by Mayor Yadav and is supported by Chief District Officer (CDO) Pharindra Mani Pokharel and the Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) of Bara, Bikash Raj Khanal. 

“Kalaiya Bazaar as the Headquarters of the district looked very dirty and to keep it neat and clean, the structures built on encroached roadsides have been removed,” said CDO Pokharel. He stated that it is important to keep public places free from encroachment. "This is everyone's responsibility. People's representatives and the locals should join hands for this," he added. 


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