Jailbreaking: Pros and cons

Published On: May 24, 2017 11:20 PM NPT By: Akanksha Budha

KATHMANDU, May 24: You might have heard about the term ‘jailbreaking’ especially if you’re an IOS/Iphone user. As the Iphone/IOS has to go by Apple’s rules and strict guidelines, there are certain limitations on using the device. It is as if you are trapped inside a box and have no way out because of the tight security outside. The only option you will have is to jailbreak. Jailbreaking is the process of removing the software restrictions implemented by Apple. 

While it is not sure if jailbreaking is an illegal move, it has various advantages. You can have full access to your device. You will be able to download apps that you don’t find in the App Store. It might sound illegal but you can download free media and paid apps for free using the ‘unofficial’ app store called ‘Cydia’ that only is available after you succeed in jailbreaking your phone. You will have better access to make your Iphone or Ipod better and in your favor.

People do argue that Apple’s guidelines and restrictions are too strict and at times take the user’s ability to understand their phone better and not get apps that would work just as well as the others in their phones. 

With good comes bad. As much fun and advantageous jailbreaking sounds, it’s as lethal as they come. It’s all fun and games until your Iphone or Ipod crashes and never comes back to life. That’s when you realize the consequences of jailbreaking. Even though Apple has a lot of restrictions regarding its security and guidelines, it is after all for the sake of the device’s sake. When you jailbreak the device then you will be a hotspot for viruses.

And if you are all new to the world of jailbreaking and don’t secure your phone’s security then it is likely that you get in trouble. You also cannot upgrade your phone to the new version of IOS because new versions of IOS often seal the loopholes and secure your phone again, so it will be harder to jailbreak once it’s updated. So you either have to not update your phone and keep the jailbreak or upgrade it to lose all of your ‘hardwork’. You will also have no official support because jailbreak voids Apples warranty. So, if there happens to occur problems with your phone, Apple will not be responsible for it. 

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