Is USA still your dream destination?

Published On: February 6, 2017 11:00 PM NPT By: Republica  | @RepublicaNepal

KATHMANDU, Feb 6: After Donald J. Trump was elected as the 45th president of the United States, it has created a lot of confusion among students who were applying to USA for their higher studies. He has introduced measures to control the number of immigrants and he recently tried to ban people from seven Muslim countries but this decision has been temporarily blocked by the court. 

We talked to youths concerning their anxiety and their thoughts on still applying to USA. 

Are you discouraged after the election of Donald Trump? If yes, why are you still applying? If you are rejected which will be your next destination? What are your future plans? Do you think you will return Nepal after your studies?

Sadikshya Adhikari
High school graduate

I am not discouraged but I am scared about what might happen. I feel like decision made by President Trump wouldn’t affect policies of universities as they also need international students. I want to go to the US because it’s a great country and I want to be able to explore opportunities it provides. I would prefer to go to Bangkok or Bangladesh if I don’t get student visa. But I would come back to Nepal. I don’t want to stay there but rather want to do something for my country.
Karan Shakya
A-Level graduate

Even after the elections, I am not discouraged to apply to the United States because it’s the illegal immigrants that President Trump is after. I feel there’s no policies made for people applying for student visa. I don’t see any reason to be scared as the sole purpose for me is to study there. The universities will also be affected if international students are prevented from applying to their country. If not for the US, then I would probably apply to either Canada or Australia. I plan on coming back to work in Nepal.

Prajwal Bhattarai
A-Level graduate

Since I had applied to colleges long before the ban on immigrants from certain Muslim countries, the ban did not have an impact on my decision to apply. Although I disagree with the ban, I don’t see it as something so significant to make me change my mind about receiving education in the United States. It could be argued that this ban and Trump’s presidency is good in the sense that it has finally got the mass to rise up and speak out. It looks like people are finally ready to protest all the horrible stuff the government has been doing, which was very unlikely to happen if Clinton had been appointed. This is why Trump’s presidency makes it an interesting time to study there. I can get an opportunity to witness and participate in what could be a revolutionary moment in American politics and society. My first choice would be Singapore if not the US. But all of my other top choice colleges happen to be in the US and if I do happen to go there, I will likely stay for graduate school. However, I want to contribute to making changes in Nepal.

Abani Malla
A-Level graduate

I will return to Nepal after my undergraduate studies. Trump hasn’t really imposed strict laws for student visa yet and I’m not discouraged by Trump’s triumph. In fact, surprisingly, I find it more interesting to apply when situations are unusual. I do want to grab better educational opportunities but I think it won’t be a smart act to push away the good ones which we have here in Nepal and India. Education is how you take it, not just where you take it. So my goal has always been for learning and where I am doesn’t stop me from exploring my curiosities. So I’m not scared of being rejected. I’m just scared of things that are not in my hands. 

Pallavi Shrestha
A-Level graduate

Donald Trump said he is against illegal immigrants. I have no intention of going to the US illegally, so I don’t see how this ban should discourage me from applying to colleges. Although it is true that I personally feel doubtful of some of his policies, but I don’t think this can hamper my education in any way. I wanted to apply to the US because it provides liberal arts education which is perfect for someone like me who is undecided about my career choice, and also because going there is a form of challenging myself and trying out the various opportunities. As of now, I don’t know if I will end up staying there and working, or if I’ll come back.

Sajak Upadhyaya
Software Engineer

The recent election results and the resulting power shift certainly have an impact on my decision as to whether or not the United States is the right choice to pursue further education. However, it is still an option because of the language, opportunity for scholarships and renowned colleges for computer science. If not US, my other priority would be Canada which has recently been very welcoming to foreign students. Coming back is never in question as my priorities are to see this country flourish and I will be back after completing my studies.

Ashin Joshi
A-Level graduate

I am not discouraged because I was certain that President Trump would come up with strict policies on immigration and visa. However, I do understand that the chances of my visa rejection are high now, yet I am applying to USA because I cannot cope up with the education system of Nepal after completing A-Level studies. I do not want to confine myself on just engineering or management. I want a diverse experience which liberal arts education in the US can provide. If my visa gets rejected, I am considering India as my second option. After my graduation, I do plan on coming back and work to reform any field that I specialized in during my college life. 

Pranay Shakya
High school graduate

After the elections, there has been a lot of speculation about the status of migrants out there. Actually, Trump hasn’t enforced any such strict rules on Nepali students although he has made significant steps for addressing the migrant problems of the United States. I am not discouraged by the recent actions as my intention to go to the United States is to pursue my higher studies. But there might be problems for people who are applying with the intention of settling there, as Trump is looking forward to take deportation of illegal migrants as a serious threat. The education system of the United States is the best in the world. It has always been my dream destination for undergraduate studies. If my visa is rejected, I will look to pursue my studies in Nepal. However, if I get a chance to complete my studies in the US, I would want to return Nepal. 

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