Is it really impossible to forget ‘first’ love?

Published On: January 15, 2018 10:03 AM NPT By: Agencies

There is nothing as sweet as first love nor is there anything as tumultuous as first love gone wrong. While most of us might agree to the impossibility of forgetting one’s first love, a few might just dismiss it calling it mere ‘puppy’ love. The experience of falling in love for the first time, be it good or bad, is definitely unforgettable.

An user on the popular question-and-answer-site Quora asked the question “Why is it difficult to forget one's first love?” and the answers were pretty interesting. Here are some of the best Quora responses which left us amused:

1. There is no specific reason

“There is no specific reason why first love is so powerful, because it’s an accumulation of small details that make it momentous. It’s filled with intense and passionate emotions that you think will last forever, which may be the reason why everyone says first love is hard to forget. However, it makes perfect sense because it’s the first time you truly love and feel loved by a person outside your family. Even when that relationship is over, it remains as a big part of who you are,” wrote Dushyant Vaghela.

2. The psychological and scientific angle

“Psychologically speaking, an event which is not preceded by a similar event, but does enhance the probability of successive similar ones due to familiarity, has significant chances of getting imprinted in our memory. Scientifically, first love coincides with the surge of hormones, while our secondary sexual characteristics are being developed, the affection seems dearer,” commented Vidushi Rastogi.

3. Time and intensity

“The time you take to get over your ‘first love’ is directly proportional to the time and intensity with which you love. 'Nothing is impossible' stands true in this case too because many examples have been received where people in books, blogs and social media have found ways to get over their first love,” opined Sukrity Goyal.

4. You just need to move on

“You don't need to forget your first love, just learn and move on. As soon as you change your thought process, you won't be bothered so much. Remember and appreciate, but remember accurately. Understand why you broke up, and what you would do again, and what you wouldn’t do any more,” wrote Gwen Sawchuk.

5. Because it is innocent…

Your first love is the one that sticks with you because it's the only person who will ever receive your complete love. After that, a piece of you is forever left behind in the heart of the one you loved—a piece no future lover could ever get. That piece holds innocence and the belief that love really can last forever. It holds friendship and pain, trial and error, that one kiss you will never forget and that night under the stars that you can never go back. It holds youth and everything you thought love could be. Everything that was proven wrong,” wrote Pranay Mehta. 

6.It can be a learning lesson

“The first time a person falls in love, they are somehow led to believe that the world is a perfect place. That's an assumption flawed at several levels. We need to learn and remember the lesson. Hence we cannot forget first love,” commented Niharika Tiwari.

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