Invigilators' negligence promoting cheating in exam

Published On: March 17, 2017 10:11 AM NPT

JAJARKOT, March 17: An examination invigilators' job is to maintain the proper conduct of an examination in accordance with the exam regulations. 

But the invigilators assigned at most of the exam centres in Jajarkot district to oversee the Secondary Education Examination (SEE) that is underway throughout the country are found to be negligent in their duty. 

It is learnt from the students attending the examination that the invigilators themselves are found promoting cheating in examination. According to the students taking the exams, the invigilators themselves tell the answers to some examinees or encourage them to cheat and copy from others' answer scripts. 

They said that the invigilators also warn the examinees to hide their textbooks or notebooks from which they are openly copying from whenever the monitoring team comprising the superintendent, journalists and other government officials reach the exam centre. 

A similar incident happened on Thursday when the Chief District Officer Lalit Bikram Singh went to the Jagatipur exam centre leading a monitoring team. When DEO Singh entered the exam centre and ordered the examinees to hand over the notebooks or textbooks or any other bits of paper they were using to cheat in the exams, they turned over such materials that would fill a sack. 

This means that the examinees had managed to sneak in these materials for cheating due to the lenient checking by police at the gate. Such is the mentality of the invigilators and the examinees alike which is promoting the 'cheating culture' in the examinations in the district. It is not only the case in Jajarkot, this is a disease in other districts too. RSS 

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