Infographics: U.S. can counter extremism across the globe

September 13, 2018 00:05 AM Republica

The United States needs a new national security strategy to prevent the spread of extremism in fragile states, the co-chairs of the 9/11 Commission warn in a new report. The report entitled “Beyond the Homeland: Protecting America from Extremism in Fragile States,” is released Tuesday on the 17th anniversary of the 2001 terrorist attacks to address the 9/11 Commission’s unfulfilled call for the U.S. to 
adopt a preventive strategy to reduce the spread of extremism.

The report’s authors -- led by former Gov. Tom Kean of New Jersey, a Republican who chaired the 9/11 Commission, and former Rep. Lee Hamilton (D-Ind.), the commission’s vice chairman -- don’t criticise President Donald Trump, but their conclusions clash with Trump’s foreign policy. “The time has come for a new U.S. strategy,” the report states. “Going forward, the priority for U.S. policy should be to strengthen fragile states -- to help them build resilience against the alarming 
growth of violent extremism within their societies.”

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