In Nuwakot, candidates are busy wooing voters

Published On: May 10, 2017 12:50 AM NPT By: BHAGWATI  LAMA

NUWAKOT, May 10: Ahead of Sunday's local polls, candidates of various political parties in Nuwakot are busy in door-to-door campaign to lure voters for securing victory in the elections. 

Nominees for the post of mayor, deputy mayor, chairperson and vice-chairperson of rural municipalities and wards these days are trying to persuade voters to vote for them. Not just the candidates but the cadres are equally involved in the poll campaigns in support of the candidates.  

The promotional poll campaigns have been comparatively different than the campaigns of the recent Constituent Assembly elections. Family members as well as the relatives of the candidates have also accompanied them in the promotional campaigns. 

"Candidates visit our home and request us to vote for them," said eighty-three years old Shree Maya Tamang of Ratmate of Belkotgadhi Municipality, adding, "We are like the setting sun. It is not us but our children who are in need of change and development. So I will vote for the candidate of my children's choice."

Before the announcement of the candidates, younger generations were conducting youth-oriented campaigns to promote younger candidates. But they were soon disappointed as almost all the parties gave ticket to the same old faces, neglecting the younger ones. 

"Former representatives didn't understand the miseries of the voters. So, this time we are going to vote for the candidates who have the vision to change the development scenario of the district," said Shiva Pyakurel of Gerkhu, Bidur Municipality.

As the local elections are happening after a span of 19 years, those who were not born in the last local elections have also become eligible for voting. Basu Thakuri of Likhu, Shivapuri Municipality said, "We all are excited about the local elections but are not yet sure for whom to vote." 

According to him, the villagers are holding discussions to vote for qualified candidates who have formulated plans as per the need of the district.

Besides that, employment has been the second priority of the locals. As many youths have been compelled to go to foreign countries in search of employment, locals want the new representatives to ensure job for them. 

"After the local elections, I hope our brothers and sisters won't have to struggle in foreign lands for jobs," said Nabaraj Adhikari of Ward-2 of Suryagadhi Municipality.

There are two municipalities and 10 rural municipalities in Nuwakot district.

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