How to have a quality conversation on Tinder!

Published On: November 22, 2016 01:25 PM NPT By: Agencies

With tinder gaining its popularity in India, here are a few tips to keep in mind while having a conversation with a girl.

1) Use her bio- In majority of the cases, girls write a line or two in their biodata. Before starting a conversation it is wise to go through her bio. This way you can get an idea of what is she into. You might find something from her pictures or bio that is common between you two. So spending 20-30 seconds won’t harm you.

2) Don’t say hi immediately- You surely don’t want to come across as desperate. So wait for some time but do not message her after 2-3 days, she might not remember you or she may get involved with some other guy. Remember there are plenty of fishes out there! 

3) Use correct spellings, vocabulary and avoid slangs- ‘Gal’, ‘ty’, ‘Ma’ these are red signals! Optimise the use of your smart phone and use full spellings and decent vocabulary. Things that were cool some time back are now a put off!

4) Emoticons: use but don't overuse- Since body language, expressions are a limitation during an online chat, it is always a good idea to use emoticons to generate emotions. Women tend to get attracted when you let them know the kind of feeling you are having at the particular time. This may gain you a quick reply from her. But make sure you do not overuse it. 

5) Use her name in the conversation- Using her name during the conversation is a way of letting her know that she is important to you at the particular moment. It kind of customises the conversation. And chances are she might get more friendly and interested. 

6) One message one reply- bombarding her with messages will lead to an unmatch from her profile. As the rule goes, send one message for each message she sends. This way she also gets a chance to know you. 

7) Do not ask for her number right away- Hit the hammer when the rod is hot! Follow this old school practice and you are sure to land a date with her. Take some time to know each other well and once she is comfortable with you ask for her number.


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