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How do we deal with technology?

Published On: March 10, 2017 11:30 PM NPT By: SUDARSHAN ANANTA NEPAL

When I was traveling to Dolakha for a short trip few months back, I came to hear an unusual story of a jeep driver. When I asked the driver for his mobile number, he said, “sir, I do not carry mobile phone and I don’t use social media.” I was surprised by his reply and keen to know the reason behind it. I made my way to approach the driver and asked how he communicates with his family. He wore a big smile and replied, “I live the same way our ancestors did few years back.”

Our use of social media has become an essential need. But different reports and surveys show that it has negative effect on teenagers. Technology is not only limited to connectivity; the dark side of technology is on rise. Many times, I have witnessed incidents of people driving four wheelers with their chat box on online mode, people checking phone while having dinner, not listening to people around them and many more. Normal social behavior of people has declined with the rise of technology in community. People no more want to socialize, get to know each other, read a book or go on a long drive or for a walk. They would rather get stuck on the screen, tablet or laptop and spend the day surfing the internet. 

This has also led to psychological disorders like anxiety and depression. Accessibility, affordability and anonymity provided by the web have given freedom to a lot of young people. When I talked both rural and urban teenagers of Nepal in different workshops, they disclosed that internet has been the main source through which they watch porn videos.  

Watching porn videos can be addictive and often leads to sexual addiction, unhealthy behavior and also encourage sexual aggression. Internet and the technology have many negative side effects. But if we take a look at this matter we come face to face with human weakness. We humans created technology and internet for comfortable living but instead it has directed us to destruction. Young minds aren’t creative and energetic anymore, they have Google to give them solution to every problem. If we don’t get aware of the darkness of technology, it will cloud over our judgment. 

Sudarshan is a freelance writer

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