Hope of getting clean drinking water elates Chainpur locals

Published On: November 19, 2019 11:00 AM NPT By: Jagat Khadka

BAJHANG, Nov 18 :People living in the headquarters of Bajhang and neighboring villages who have been drinking the water of the Seti River and Bauli Gaad will finally be provided safe and clean drinking water. The villagers of Jay Prithvi Municipality, Bhojpur, Damdur and Dewat of Chainpur, Bhajang will be supplied safe drinking water through collaborative efforts of the Asian Development bank and the Chainpur Drinking Water and Cleanliness Consumer's Committee (CDWCCC). The villagers are very happy after knowing that safe drinking water will be provided to them at their homes. 

The locals claim that they have been drinking undrinkable water from the Seti River due to which a lot of people in the village have to suffer from various health hazards. “We are very happy to know that we will soon be provided safe drinking water at our homes. This will also help improve the health of the people in our village “said a local Dhan Bahadur Sunuwar.  

“We always feared that we will have to die without getting to drink safe water. However, now we have hopes that very soon we will have safe drinking water running through our taps,” he said. The locals complain although Chainpur is the headquarters of Bhajang, it does not have facilities that match the standards of being a district's headquarters but gradually the situation is getting better.  

Financially stable families do have taps and filters in their houses but Seti River and Bauli Gaad have always served as the sources of drinking water for the families who are not financially stable. “But the fact that the village authorities have actually started the process of installing drinking water taps makes all of us happy and hopeful,” said another local Harini Baadi.

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