Hong Kong is China’s matter

Published On: June 28, 2020 12:13 PM NPT By: Harish Chandra Shah

 Hong Kong is a special administrative region (SAR) of China. Surrounded by the South China Sea on all sides except the north, which neighbours the Guangdong city of Shenzhen, Hong Kong has a free market economy in which the prices of goods and services are determined in a free price system.  It is said that Hong Kong is a paradise for shopping, a unique place where the East meets the West and old meets new. So living in Hong Kong will be an amazing experience, everybody loves this cosmopolitan city. There is a moderately large population of Nepali people in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong has been an integral part of China’s territory since ancient times. Its prosperity and stability are directly related to China future development.

Hong Kong is a special administrative region of China. It is a local administrative region directly under the authority of Central People’s Government of China. Thus the legislation for upholding national security is purely China’s internal affairs. No foreign country can interfere in this matter.

The official spokesperson of Ministry of the Foreign Affairs of Nepal told me: “Nepal reiterates its one China policy and considers Hong Kong as an integral part of the People’s Republic of China .Maintenance of peace, law and order is a primary responsibility of a nation. Nepal believes in non-interference in internal affairs of any country and supports China’s efforts to maintain law and order in Hong Kong.”

To our regret, we have seen terrible scenes in recent days. Crowds attacked the police with iron rods and stockpiled bricks in government places. They detained passengers at the airport and even set an innocent old man on fire. Government buildings were stormed and vandalized. Shops were closed and streets were wrecked by arson attacks.

Taking advantage of the absence of a national security law, protesters have time and again instigated violence and clamored for Hong Kong's "independence," crossing a red line for the central government. At the same time, external forces have increasingly interfered in Hong Kong affairs without scruple. Because of this, Hong Kong is in disarray. China's national security is at risk.

This situation has compelled the National People's Congress to adopt the legislation. The 13th NPC has decided to establish and improve a legal framework and enforcement mechanisms for safeguarding national security in Hong Kong. The 13th National People Congress decision makes clear that the principles of "One Country, Two Systems," "Hong Kong people governing Hong Kong" and a high degree of autonomy will be fully and faithfully honoured. National security is the basis of "One Country, Two Systems," whose strengths can only be maximized in a secure and stable society.

Hong Kong's underlying economic and social problems cannot be resolved by disrupting social order, and there can be no development and long-term prosperity if national security is undermined. National Security legislation provides a safer and more secure environment. The legislation is only targeted at actions that jeopardize China's national security, such as splitting the country, subverting the government, committing terrorist activities and externally meddling in Hong Kong affairs.

In fact, the legislation will protect law-abiding citizens, ensure Hong Kong's high degree of autonomy and contribute to a sound legal and business environment there. A stable and prosperous Hong Kong will bring more opportunities to its residents and investors. The national security legislation in Hong Kong will lay the groundwork for the practice of "One Country, Two Systems" and Hong Kong's long-term stability, prosperity and development.


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