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Published On: December 1, 2017 11:59 AM NPT By: The Week Bureau

Christmas and New Year definitely call for a short vacation. It’s also that time of the year when most schools and colleges close for winter vacation so if you have kids then this is perhaps the perfect time to take them on a much-needed break. Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, it actually wouldn’t be a bad idea to go somewhere where you will be able to enjoy this festive season in all its glory.

To get you started with your holiday planning, The Week with help of Pas Tours and Travels in Lagankhel has readied a list of a few places that are worth visiting this festive season.  

The Paradise that is Paris

If a white Christmas, with a lot of culture thrown in, is what you want, then you can consider heading to Paris. The city of light and love, Paris, is magical throughout the year but it is during Christmas that it truly comes to life. One cannot resist capturing dozens of pictures after witnessing the series of elegantly arranged holiday lights all around the city and the uniquely made designer Christmas trees at the Santa-Village themed markets. Those who have been here during Christmas time swear that the combination of the sparkling view of the Eiffel tower and special fireworks make you want to live in the particular moment forever. If you are traveling with family and kids, the holiday parade or various other events at Paris Disneyland and the inexpensive ice-skating rinks will surely be a delight. And if you are brave enough then you can view all the captivating sites of Paris from the world’s largest Ferris wheel. 

Dazzling Dubai

Dubai is again easily accessible from Nepal as it’s just a short plane ride away and the visa process is quick. Apart from huge discounts in shopping centers and satisfying hotel deals, there are lots of attractions waiting to be experienced this Christmas. As soon as you leave the airport, you will be caught off-guard by how rapidly Dubai seems to be changing into a westernized society complete with high rises and architectural wonders to marvel at. With sub-tropical climate even in the December, you can also take full advantage of all the water parks and waterfalls in Dubai. Though primarily a shopping destination, you can also enjoy the architecture here, the Palm Jumeirah, an artificial archipelago, being one of the many. And after a tiring day of shopping and sightseeing, you can sit back and relax and let dazzling fireworks, parties, and irresistible festive feasts take over. 

The Magic of Malaysia

From its multicultural aspects to natural wonders, Malaysia is truly an Asian country that you wouldn’t want to ignore.  Malaysia is just a five-hour plane ride from Nepal and since getting a visa is relatively hassle free you can definitely consider heading to Kuala Lumpur this season. Despite the fact that very less Malaysian population is Christian the ambience here during December is festive and celebrations are at par with the western ways. It’s not only the houses but even government or public buildings as church, libraries, and the parliament that are all decked up in colorful lights. Other than that, the buzzing sound of carols around the city, tall Christmas trees and above all the mind-boggling sales up to 80% in the highest ranked brands worldwide will make for a perfect vacation. The other good thing is that attractions, like theme parks, caves, and boat rides, that normally remain closed or curtail their hours elsewhere, are not shut during Christmas and New Year. So you don’t have to worry about missing out on other fun elements of Malaysia. 

Amazing Australia

Australia, because of the variations in the weather, has its own unique style of celebrating Christmas. Here you will actually get to dodge the biting cold during December and you can enjoy a summery Christmas and New Year instead. It might not be the kind of Christmas many would want, but for those who are not a fan of bundling up in layers, Australia can be the perfect getaway. However, Australia has many things to offer during the Christmas season. Houses decorated in the local Aussie style, sandman at the beaches, surfers in the sea, eye-pleasing Christmas trees, never ending carol parties around and markets full of festive flavors more than make up for a white Christmas. After an almost 11-hour plane ride, you can enjoy what will surely be the warmest Christmas of your life. 

Fascinating Finland

Perhaps there can be nothing better than visiting the house of Santa Claus himself this Christmas. So, for the mystical experience of literal northern Christmas, Finland might be the best choice. It is believed that one gets to meet Santa Claus himself in Finland. Finland houses what is considered Europe’s cleanest and tidiest city, Helsinki. Even the bitterly cold weather has its own unique attractions to offer. The snowy environment, warm saunas, their nightlife, amusement parks, lifelike snowman and the northern lights in Aurora zone are some attractions you don’t want to miss out on while in Finland in the month of December. You can also get to taste original Christmas flavored meals that are popular here, making for a wonderful culinary experience.

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