Historical Tuwachung Jayajum site at risk of landslides

Published On: September 28, 2018 07:29 AM NPT By: Daman Rai

KHOTANG, Sep 28: Tuwachung Jayajum Danda, a famous historical tourist site in the district, is at the risk of landslides as the retention wall has crumbled at several places due to the ongoing road construction works around the tourist spot.  

Rocks at the base of the hill have started crumbling near Barkhetar of Tuwachung Jayajum. 

The recent landslides which occurred during July-September had caused a huge loss blocking the Halesi-Diktel road for days.  

The continuous fall of rocks, if not stopped, will ultimately endanger the existence of the historical tourist site, according to Chaindra Rai, chairman of Mahadevsthan of Halesi Tuwachung Municipality-7. 

The continuous landslide can damage the Locha Muhan drinking water pipe taken to Halesi of Khotang district, he added. 

Lama Nagarjun Construction Company, tasked with responsibility of blacktopping the 

Bijule Hurlung road, had cut the hill from Tuwachung Jayajum Danda for the construction of roads. 

Locals complain that landslides are taking place as the company cut the hill against the agreement in need of stones. The contractors use the broken rocks as stones for constructions. 

According to Rakesh Rai, president of the Tuwachung Jayajum Danda Conservation Committee (TJDCC), the risk of landslides has increased as the contractors have dug the hill carelessly for stones. 

“We are not against development,” Chairman Rai said, adding “We demand that the contractors build Gabion walls at the base of the hills.” 

As the locals complain of haphazard digging by the contractors, the Tuwachung Municipality has asked the police to preserve the site. 

Landslides have started to take place in Kavre Danda as well due to the excavation of road track for the Mid-hill Highway in the district. 

To develop Tuwachung-Jayajum Danda as a historical, archaeological and tourist site, the life-size statues of Kiranti ancestors such as Raichakule, Tayama and Khiyama were erected on November 18. 



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