Herbal medicines winning trust of people in Baglung

Published On: August 22, 2017 03:24 AM NPT By: Sangam Gharti Magar

BAGLUNG, Aug 21:  Laxmi Gautam of Bhimapokhari-7 is a regular user of herbal medicines since the last two years. Herbal medicines have been helping her cure problems related to digestion and sleep. According to her, such medicines have solved her health problems which were not cured through allopathic treatment. 

"I reached out to several doctors and took various medicines but there was no change at all," said Gautam at Dhaulagiri Zonal Ayurved Pharmacy (DZAP), Baglung.

Sharing her experience, she said, "I feel more active and healthier after the use of herbal medicines." After realizing the effectiveness of such medicines she usually comes to this pharmacy for getting medicines.

Similarly, Dal Bahadur Thapa of Bhakunde VDC prescribes herbal medicines for all those who are wandering from place to place for treating their health problems. Four years ago, Thapa was suffering from tonsillitis and took various medicines and tried several remedies for it. But it was not cured until he started using herbal medicines. 

"I used medicines prescribed by doctors which provided me relief for a certain time but did not have a lasting effect,” Thapa said, adding, "Then I switched to herbal medicines for three months and now it has been more than three years that I  have seen no such symptoms." 

According to Ramakant Sapkota, chairperson of Kriyashil Ayurved Samaj (KAS), Baglung, in recent years herbal medicines have been successful in winning the trust of people. Sapkota, who owns an Ayurvedic pharmacy said, "Though herbal medicines take time to cure diseases, they have no side effects due to which people rely on them." 

As informed by Kabiraj Hari Poudel of DZAP, the use of herbal medicines has been very common. "Earlier, we felt jobless as we hardly used to get anything to do but these days we are busy distributing medicines and providing counseling to the service seekers," he said. Around 50 service seekers visit the pharmacy on a daily basis.

With the increasing demand for herbal medicines, this pharmacy has extended its branches in Burtibang, Balewa, Damek, Bihun, Jaidi among other places. Baglung is rich in herbs like Chiraito, Jatamasi, Bojho, Satuwa, Harro, Barro, etc which are extensively used for medicinal purpose. KAS has been conducting awareness programs in various parts of the district regarding the importance of herbal medicines.

Caption: Kabiraj Hari Poudel of Dhaulagiri Zonal Ayurved Pharmacy, Baglung examining a patient.


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