Hello, big brother!

Published On: May 26, 2020 07:30 AM NPT By: Anjali Subedi

Brother is a loving word, but holds a little meaning in Kaliyug. This is the age where the closest hurts you the most. There are two typical well known 'brothers' in South Asia who have once again captured wide attention. The big brother and small brother have not yet settled their boundaries and the story is interesting!

Once you begin to stretch your body for freedom, big brother turns anxious. 'For your own good' he holds you tight all the time, in order to ‘keep you safe'. He can be rude if you look for friends around. Big brother doesn't trust your judgment; so he takes the pain of coming forward to suggest friends and foes for you. The parents of the big brother and the small brother are the same, the god, 'who lives somewhere over there and sees everything'. Both believe in the proud legacy of their creator – justice and righteousness. But the big brother further believes that being the elder one, he can enjoy some leverage. 

Big brother does not like to make it a big issue even if his darling younger brother has just faced a devastating earthquake, fallen sick, fractured bones and bled miserably. That is fine for the big brother; he sends off some words of consolation but then blocks even drugs and other essentials when you need those the most. Someone suffering the next door is justifiable in the eyes of the big brother. The younger brother tried to draw his territory. He went to the extent of writing the constitution of his land on his own! 'I will show you, if you try to be that independent', mutters the big brother, grinding his teeth and hardens the blockade.  

Interestingly, it is not that the big brother ever offered those essentials for free. He charges good prices for all the commodities. Younger brother, whose import is huge and export is tiny, buys lavishly from the big brother and contributes to the latter's economy. This business, which largely benefits the big brother, is going on for a long time. But he never likes to talk about this aspect. The big brother only highlights the slogans 'I feed him', 'everything goes there through my gate'. He sings this rhetoric untiringly until everyone in his land accepts the false claim to be a truth. 

Big brother, sometimes when he cannot afford to listen to criticisms over his hypocritical behavior towards the younger brother and others, tries to change the tone, his words sweetened and his gestures softened. But again, you can't trust him. Big brother is a big brother. He cannot take off the glasses and look at others with clean and fresh eyes. This has cost him dearly, as he has blundered one after another. 

Fed up with the big brother bully, the younger brother thought of freeing from the 'holy bond'. He tells around, loudly or mildly, that the big brother is not his friend. He mutters in his heart and sometimes turns vocal that his big brother's intentions always look wrong. If he enjoys a little peace or prepares some grounds to make progress in his territory, the big brother starts poking his nose. Secretly, he collects all details, acts beforehand, so that game could be played as per his interest, when needed. 

Younger brother has some weaknesses. There are some trusted soldiers with him who actually work for the big brother. For small rewards, they agree to do anything! In crucial times, when those traitors play their roles perfectly, the small brother goes helpless. This sad defeat has been noticed a number of times, and yet the fake guards freely roam in the precious land, ready to make it hollow and poor to appease the other party. As long as few such betrayers happily hide in his pocket, the big brother appears cool and confident. 

Sometimes, accidently or with effort, things change in the land of the small brother. Even the unexpected forces show unity and stand for truth. And when this happens, the big brother's temperature and temperament shake. He goes mad. In such madness, he may take suicidal steps, such as blocking the supply of essentials once again. This handy tool against the difficult terrains of the small brother often misguides him. 

The big brother clearly knows that he has done many wrongs. Blocking supplies, micromanaging things, establishing false narratives have not helped nourish relationships. 

Once again, we can see that all is not well between the two brothers. Relationship is souring over a part of land that the small brother had earlier given to the big brother for temporary use. As the land has not been given back, struggles take place from time to time. 

Once again, the small brother has rolled up his sleeves to protect his land. Once again, he has challenged the false pride of the big brother. And now it is going to be interesting to see whether this small brother will really be able to hold on to its precious independence, self-dignity and sovereignty and shut all kinds of nuisances, misconceptions and false narratives manufactured by the big brother. The younger brother looks firm, determined and confident. The big brother must have made preparations too! He might have already planned to hatch some evil results as well. 

One can be suspicious as per his past records. Those who have shouldered the responsibility to handle such a grave matter of truth should remember that they are mortal and will leave the world one day but their deed will continue to shape the morals of the new generations. This is when they should redefine their characters and set an example of true friendship and brotherhood.

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