Heavy supply of stones takes toll on KI Singh Highway

Published On: October 19, 2016 12:50 AM NPT By: Barun Paneru

DADELDHURA, Oct 19: Heavy vehicles carrying sand and stones on the KI Singh Highway day and night is taking toll on the quality of the road but the local administration has paid no attention to this. The unabated excavation has not only deteriorated the road quality but has also triggered landslides. 

"The roads are not meant for such heavy loads. But the loads are being carried unchecked. As a result, the road has been totally damaged," said Ramesh Bista, a local of Dadeldhura.
"It is illegal to extract sand and stone from rivers in such heavy quantity. But there is no monitoring body, so smugglers do whatever they like," he fumed. 

He added that the excessive use of the road by trucks has badly affected the road condition. Even worse, sand and stones are collected not only from rivers, but from the roadsides as well. "And that has been causing landslides on the road," Bista said.

According to Bista, passenger vehicles are stranded for days in the highway due to the trucks.

Locals report that the apathetic attitude of the government over the issue has greatly encouraged businesspersons. The easy availability of construction materials might benefit some people but at the cost of environmental.

“Such activities could be devastating,” they warned. According to Bista, growing number of businesspersons have been attracted to the areas around the KI Singh and other highways for massive collection of stones and sand.

"What use is there of raising any voice when the local administration is mum," said Bista.

"Those stones are heavily used for house construction here and elsewhere," he added.

The Road Act prohibits collection of stones and mud from roadsides. But, the illegal act is going on unabated, according to Bista.

Meanwhile, Road Division Office of Dipayal claimed that it had tried to put an end to the irresponsible activities but failed to curb it. 


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