Health camp in Halesi to identify leprosy patients

Published On: February 5, 2019 06:50 AM NPT

KHOTANG, Feb 5: Halesi Tuwachung Municipality of Khotang organized a free health camp in Bahunidanda on Sunday to identify people infected with leprosy.

The health department of the municipality conducted the camp to find leprosy patients and provide them required treatment for free. According to Raj Kumar Bhagat, coordinator of the health department of the local unit, the camp was organized to help people living in remote areas who do not have easy access to health services.

After the checkup, phlegm of 52 suspected leprosy patients was collected for lab test. A team of health workers and lab technicians reached Bahunidanda by taking the necessary equipment from the District Hospital. At first, female health workers reached various villages and distributed plastic tubes to them asking them to put their phlegm in the tubes.

"From the samples, we took cough samples of 52 locals who were suffering from coughing since more than two weeks," said Coordinator Bhagat, adding," whether the villagers have leprosy or not will be confirmed after lab tests." According to the Health Department, those who have leprosy will be provided free medicines and treatment at their homes for six months. 

Mayor Iwan Rai informed that similar camp was organized in Haide of Durkheim last year.

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