Haphazard management of wires tarnishes beauty of Kathmandu (with video)

Published On: July 3, 2019 07:00 PM NPT By: Dipendra Rokka

KATHMANDU, July 3: Kathmandu metropolitan city is different from an ideal metropolitan city. We are obliged to walk along the areas lying on the edge of the roads with great care to avoid losing our balance.

Wires hanging from poles in haphazard way have damaged the beauty of the city. The poor setting-up of the wires installed for making such services as electricity, internet and telephone available has not only resulted in Kathmandu city being ugly but it has also become a bane for the pedestrians and the vehicles plying different roads in Kathmandu.

We can see a large bundle of wires hanging from many poles. Wires in some places can be seen hanging from poles with insignificant distance between the ground and the point at which they are hanging.

The dream of getting wires installed in the ground has proved to be a chimera for Kathmandu folks.

Some of the accidents that occurred in Kathmandu were caused by the haphazard management of wires.


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