Gulmi landslide victims receive relief

Published On: July 30, 2019 08:00 AM NPT By: SHIVA LAL SUBEDI

GULMI, July 30: After a week of landslides rendering them homeless, nearly 400 families of Thulo Lumpek, Gulmi have received relief. According to Gulmi Chief District Officer (CDO) Yadunath Poudel, medicines and food items were distributed to the victims on Monday.

"Since it was not possible to supply relief through the roadway, an army helicopter was used. On Monday afternoon, the victims were distributed essential drugs and food," he said. He added that the complete relief package is yet to be distributed. And similarly, the government is yet to provide safe shelter to the victims. 

"There has been a massive loss. People have lost their houses. But due to tough geographical terrains, we have not been able to fix things quickly," said Poudel. Poudel further stated that the roads damaged by the landslides are going to be repaired. Though it may take time, it is very important to bring roads to form, he said. 

"For now, basic supplies have been sent off through a helicopter, but without roads not much can be done," he noted. 

The landslides last week killed 13 people and injured two in Gulmi. 

The supply of essentials to the victims through a helicopter was challenged by unfavorable weather of the affected area. According to Rabindra Maharjan of Nepal Army, helicopter landing in the area where larger displaced families were living was impossible because of critical climatic conditions. Supplies were unloaded in Lumpek. He added, “Taking the climatic situation in concern, efforts of providing relief supplies nearby displaced families are being made.”

Foreign Minister Pradeep Gwayali said that the government is always there to help the victims. “I took the relief supplies in a helicopter and brought back injured victims for treatment from the affected area by myself.”

Food and clothes relieved victims
After the displacement of an entire village, the victims are relieved with the distribution of food and cloths supplied through the helicopter. Arjun Taramu, one of the landslide victims said, “The food supplied on the first day was not enough. We felt relieved after today's redistribution of food items, clothes and blankets.” Due to the lack of blankets, the victims were compelled to spend cold nights but the victims can warmly sleep from today, said Arjun.

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