Grading system has created confusion among parents, students

Published On: June 22, 2016 04:13 PM NPT By: Republica  | @RepublicaNepal

Chandrayan P. Shrestha is the principal of Caribbean College, an institution that claims to be a digital-age college that provides best-in-town innovative and visionary teaching and learning opportunities. Praveen Kumar Yadav of Republica recently spoke to Shrestha about his experience in the education field and Carribean’s plans. Excerpts:

What is your take on the newly adopted grading system in SLC?

This is a welcoming move, though I feel that it has been introduced very late. Since this is an international practice in academia, it could have been introduced much earlier here also. Still it’s better late than never.

Lately it has come forward that the grading system has created confusion among parents and students regarding the eligibility criteria for choosing specialization subjects. Previously, average percentage in all the subjects was the criteria to choose specializations such as science, management and humanities, but with the introduction of the grading system this has changed. Now, subject wise grading is taken into account for choosing any particular stream. Considering this confusion, we have been providing counseling to students and parents for assisting them in making an informed choice.

Some SLC graduates eligible for higher secondary studies are in dilemma to choose area for further studies. What suggestion would you like to offer?

Conventionally, SLC graduates with better Grade Point Average (GPA) prefer to study Science; those with good GPA get enrolled for management and the rest with average GPA pursue their studies in the humanities area. But such conventional approach needs to be changed. The most important things that have to be considered in choosing an area of study are interests and passion of the student. The grades solely are not important. Aspiring students should think of their career at least 10 years down the line while deciding any stream for their higher studies.

Where does Caribbean College stand among other institutions and in terms of the courses and faculties you have?

We stand better among other institutions and are the best in our location. We offer courses in science, management and humanities. Our faculty members comprise of well experienced and qualified professors in their areas of expertise. Our institution is run by a group of founders, who themselves are academicians and professors and have decades of expertise in teaching and learning activities. 

A GPA of 1.6 or above makes SLC graduates eligible for higher secondary studies. Can all those aspiring SLC graduates enroll at St. Caribbean for further studies?

Yes, all those aspiring SLC graduates obtaining a GPA of 1.6 or above are eligible to get enrolled for their higher secondary studies. We follow the criteria of the government. We do not believe that low grading should bar students from their further education. Our enrollment evaluation process considers 70 per cent from the grade sheet and 30 per cent through internal examination, which among others includes face-to-face interview with the student and guardian.


If you have to respond to “why Caribbean College for study Plus two”, what would you say?

Caribbean does not limit its students to academics. We equally focus on co-curricular and extracurricular activities to ensure all-round development of our students. We engage them in social service, public speaking and other wide range of activities so that they also learn about social setting of which they are a part and also assist them in establishing themselves as responsible members of the community. This helps them to develop confidence among them.

We also feel proud of our pool of diverse and full time faculty members, who are always ready to guide students in need. The college is easily accessible from different parts of the valley as we do have transportation facilities.


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