Govt proposes halting fresh recruitment of civil servants for a year

Published On: April 28, 2017 05:00 AM NPT By: Ashok Dahal  | @ashokpillar

Govt proposes halting fresh recruitment of civil servants for a year
KATHMANDU, April 28: The government has proposed halting fresh recruitment of civil servants for year in order to adjust public sector employees in the new federal structure.  

In a bill tabled in parliament on Tuesday, the government proposed halting recruitment of civil servants through open competition and halt promotion of public sector employees for a year.

The Ministry of General Administration (MoGA) registered the bill with such a provision in parliament despite request from the Public Service Commission (PSC) not to halt the recruitment process. The bill will come into effect if it is endorsed by the House.

The bill has proposed constituting a Survey and Monitoring Committee to conduct an O&M (office and management) survey for adjustment of public sector employees in the central, provincial and local level offices before deputing the existing manpower and recruiting new employees. The committee will have six months to make recommendations regarding employees' adjustment.

According to the ministry, about 83,000 employees are in various government services. The ministry has been asked to update the details of all public sector employees before making recommendations. 

The MoGA will ask the respective government bodies to provide details of employees belonging to various government services within 30 days. The survey and monitoring committee will recommend the number of civil servants required at the local, provincial and central level. 

Government employees will be managed on the basis of constitutional jurisdiction and workload at different levels of government. Following the recommendations of the committee, the government will approve the number of vacancies for adjustment and recruitment of necessary human resources.

Senior government officials will be deployed by the government, while the lower rank employees will be deployed by the government bodies concerned.  According to a provision of the bill, the government must adjust the required civil servants within six months after approval of vacancy.

Those deputed in the new government offices must attend the concerned office within 35 days and failure to do so within the deadline will result into dismissal from the job altogether, according to the bill. 

Any government employee above 50 years, who is not interested to be adjusted in the government deployed office, will be offered voluntary retirement. The bill has specifically mentioned that the government should adjust the civil servants on the basis of their choice, seniority, existing work place, and work relevance, among other criteria. 

The government may offer additional incentives to the employees, who are adjusted in the provincial and local level government offices, according to the bill. 

A mechanism led by the chief secretary will be formed to coordinate the adjustment of public sector employees. The mechanism will comprise secretary of MoGA and the ministries concerned as well as other government bodies.

The government will not provide pension or gratuity if any employee is removed from the post during his tenure. 

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