Govt prepares blueprint of national curriculum for school education

Published On: May 16, 2018 05:00 PM NPT

BHAKTAPUR, May 16: The government has prepared the blueprint of a national curriculum for school education including the necessary skills for development.

The Curriculum Development Center Sanothimi has prepared the curriculum with the objective of producing skilled and civilized citizens. Following the eighth amendment to the Education Act, adoption of the federal structure and Classes 11 and 12 being included under the school education. 

The new curriculum would be designed by employing the mixed and integrated curriculum approach by incorporating the development of necessary skills like personal skills, self-motivation skills, creative and critical skills, decision-making skills and conflict and stress management skills that are necessary in normal life.

The outline of the school education curriculum was actually prepared two years back. The Center has started collecting suggestions and feedback on the outline of the curriculum. 

Center's Executive Director Krishna Prasad Kapri said that the outline of the new national school curriculum has been prepared with the goal of restructuring the school level education right from pre-school to class 12 and making the existing school education skilled-oriented, useful to the people, employment-oriented and value-based as per the provisions of the Education Act, and to systematise the federal, province-level and local level role regarding school curriculum in the context of country adopting the federal structure. 

Kapri said the outline has been formulated taking into account the global scenario related to curriculum and syllabus and based on the analysis of the existing curriculum and the feedback and inputs from the experts. 

The curriculum has been prepared on the basis of basic level and secondary level. It has been divided into five levels and two groups. 

According to Kapri the new curriculum has adopted the period hour and the annual credit hour system instead of the full mark system. Before this, one subject period used to be of 35 to 45 minutes as per the daily period time-table. But the new curriculum stipulates that a daily period should be at least of one hour duration. 

Classes from 9 to 12 are categorised as secondary education under the school education. Secondary education has been further divided into three types comprising general, technical and vocational, and Sanskrit. 

Kapri said the new curriculum structure would be applicable to the open and alternative education as well which would be implemented for securing the objectives of basic education. 

The outline of the national curriculum for school education was first implemented after it was approved in 2063 BS or 12 years back. This was revised four years back. RSS 

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