Good relationship with customers is essential

Published On: December 8, 2019 09:56 AM NPT By: Sujita Pradhan

TATA Motors is one of the fastest growing car brands in Nepal. TATA Motors started commercial business in Nepal in 1982. Sipradi Trading Pvt Ltd (STPL) is the sole distributor of TATA Motors in Nepal. Sujeeta Pradhan of Republica talked with Girish Wagh, the President of Commercial Vehicle Business Unit of TATA Motors Limited
What is the present condition of commercial vehicles of TATA motors globally and in Nepal?
We are in more than 40 countries across the world as of now. More than 10% of our business comes from the international market. Nepal is one of the key markets for us. We have been in Nepal for 37 years now, with Sipradi since the beginning. In case of India, there is a slow down phase in commercial vehicles after very strong growth and this slow down has been due to some cyclic factors and non-cyclic factors.
What is the difference that you found in Indian and Nepali markets in terms of commercial vehicles?
There are similarities as well as differences between markets of both countries. India is geographically vast with different terrains and lands. There are some states of India very similar to Nepal geographically, and the product requirement is similar to Nepal. As Nepal is a hilly terrain that calls for specific requirements, so we make very special vehicles for this market. In India, large part of the country is flat land, so we make vehicles according to the requirement of flat land.
What is Sipradi for TATA motors?
Sipradi and TATA have very strong partnership and there are few examples of partnership going so strong for 37 years. In fact, the partnership has gone strength to strength. We value each other a lot. Sipradi has also been committed to TATA Motors for all these years and so are we. We will continue to build stronger partnership and make new launches, which are requirements for the Nepali market and Nepali customers.
What is your purpose of visit in Nepal? Is it your first time in Nepal?
I am here for the launch of global service campaign. Nepal is a key market for us. Our senior management travels to different countries to have conversation with our customers and get suggestion and advice from them. Global service camp is for three days, and we try to engage with customers and a lot of customers have benefitted from this campaign. It is also to express our gratitude to our customers who have stayed with us for years. Yes, it is my first time in Nepal. I love the surrounding and the vibe of Nepal.
How important is it for TATA to have good relations with its customers?
Having good and mutual relation with our customers is the most essential part for TATA Motors. Every year, we conduct global service camp. So that we get an opportunity to interact with our customers and also with everyone related or associated with TATA Motors. We have interaction with customers and ask if they want some changes, and what we can do to provide better service. We often learn far more from these interactions than expected.       
Does TATA consider anyone as its competitor?
TATA has made a great journey so far. But of course, there are competitors in the market. We respect all of them, as competitors give us the drive and motivation to do more. It is important to have competition in the market, so that every time we could feel that there are competitors and we have to keep going.

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