Going Wild

Published On: June 15, 2018 09:07 AM NPT

Are you a nature enthusiast? Do you like bird watching and find yourself drawn to various animals when you see them? Then you should definitely plan your next trip keeping this preference in mind. We at The Week have compiled for you some amazing destinations that will help you connect with some beautiful creatures and get to observe them in their natural habitats. So get ready to have fun at these enriching destinations that may even educate you and help you change your perspective about wildlife.

Getting up close with the kangaroos in New South Whales | Australia     
The Blue Mountains in New South Whales, Australia, are known for their kangaroos. This place offers guided tours that can help you get closer to these beautiful creatures. But one of the best tours offered by The Blue Mountain Guide is the one that will wake you up early in the morning. That is the best time to see the maximum number of kangaroos.

After that the guide of the tour will take you to a unique spot for kangaroo watching where you can have your coffee and breakfast. After the delicious breakfast you will also be taken for hiking where you can be relatively closer to the kangaroos. As people who rarely get to see kangaroos, this is one trip you must make.

Swimming with whale sharks in Isla Mujeres | Mexico 

Whale sharks are big whales that can sometimes even be 40 meters long. But the best part about them is that they prefer to eat planktons and they are human friendly, which is why you can swim along with them without fear. Isla Mujeres is definitely one of the best places to encounter whale sharks in their natural habitat. 

The best time to visit this place is during the months of June to September. That is when you can spot thousands of whale sharks gathering near the western part of Isla Mujeres to enjoy the plankton rich water. Swimming with whale sharks is definitely an experience that you will never be able to forget. 

Breakfast with the giraffes in Nairobi, Kenya

There is a hotel called Giraffe Manor in the outskirts of Nairobi in Kenya. This hotel gives you a bed and breakfast experience like no other hotel in the world. It will allow you to get close to some beautiful giraffes early in the morning. You can even share your breakfast with them. If you are able to reach the breakfast table right on time, you will be able to encounter giraffes poking their necks through the windows next to you in search of food.

This is a beautiful yet small hotel that stretches through 12 acres of private land and is located within 140 acres of indigenous forest. The hotel is also attractively decorated with elegant interiors, beautiful gardens, bright balconies and it almost feels like entering a film set based in Africa. If having breakfast with giraffes is not enough, you can also visit the giraffe center across the lawn and get a closer look at these fascinating animals. 

Surrounded by birds at Jurong Bird Park, Singapore 

As Asia’s largest bird paradise, Jurong Bird Park is a place you must visit at least once in your lifetime. Even if you don’t love birds very much, this place will force you to rethink your choices as you observe them in their natural habitat. Birds here come across as really friendly and cute creatures.

The bird park, managed by Wildlife Reserves Singapore, covers an area 49 acres on the western slope of Jurong Hill which also happens to be the highest point in the Jurong region. Here you can find specimens of magnificent bird life from around the world, including a large flock of flamingos. It is currently the world’s largest bird park in terms of the number of birds, and second largest both in the number of bird species and land area.

Swimming with pigs in Exumas, Bahamas 
Swimming with pigs is definitely the strangest and the cutest thing ever. You can experience this in your boat ride up to Big Major Cay in Exumas in the Bahamas. The most exciting bit about this experience is that the pigs will come swimming to you even before you reach the shore.

You must also remember to take some snacks along with you because these pigs are friendly for a reason. However, you should keep in mind not to be too playful or friendly with them because these pigs, no matter how cute and cuddly they seem, are actually wild pigs and can sometimes be dangerous too. 

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