Going local with a vision for a prosperous Nepal (with video)

Published On: January 3, 2019 08:25 PM NPT By: Srishti Shah

Here's Why Utilizing local resources and traditional skills can pave the way to a prosperous Nepal

Nepal’s socio-economic reality is unique and the path to development and prosperity needs to be suited to this very context and reality. One aspect of our reality is that we are a country rich in natural resources. We are also a country made up of communities scattered across several diverse geographical locations with their own unique skill sets to deal with these respective climatic conditions. Our traditional skills have used available resources in a sustainable way. So, could carrying forward our orientation from the past be the answer to our future prosperity? Rabi Chandra Malla, founder of Kolpa, believes so.

Malla has worked with communities utilizing their traditional skills for products made of available resources. He insists that utilizing existing skills among various communities can develop contemporary products while contributing effectively towards economic empowerment of the rural community. Financial independence for the rural population through skills that they have known for generations utilizing local resources would already address several socio-economic issues like migration to urban areas and other countries. His experience not only endorses that these generations old life skills can be utilized in making products for contemporary use, but also that these products, rich in the story of their origin, sustainably and ethically produced have a global demand.

But can this be a financially feasible business model? Is the sustainable small scale path practical? Malla addresses these questions and reveals his journey with working with traditional skills and natural resources through Kolpa in the video.

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