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Published On: April 11, 2020 09:43 AM NPT By: Milan Kumar Thapa

Milan Kumar Thapa

Milan Kumar Thapa

The contributor for Republica.

Meditating with ‘om’ can be the path we can take to be mentally happy and to build our immunity in this situation

Om “A-U-M” is a universal hymn. Our existence revolves around the cosmic ground and it is evolving every day, but if we stay still and focused, we can almost hear a silent hum like vibrating sound in the form of “OM” coming from far corners of the universe itself. The real form of sound transpires from its echo. The echo of sound has an original and native word which is known as omkar. Om has three syllables. The origin of om is a-u-m. The ‘aah’ from om is found while pronouncing ‘ka’ or ‘Kha’ simply, it is found in most of the consonants. Hence, the letter ‘aah’ is also known as Akshar Braham.

Om is found in Vedic references. The four principles of Vedas expound on the knowledge of entire creation. All of this knowledge is contained in Rigveda and the knowledge of Rigveda is contained in the first syllable “a”. While chanting Om the vibration starts from the navel region and is prolonged all the way to the nose, the vibration created from humming om is like a divine blessing to the human body.

We are currently facing a global problem due to coronavirus. We will eventually overcome this but the mental stress and anxiety it is causing us can lead to a long-term effect on our mental well-being. The current solution provided by health care facilities is to lock down the whole country, but being in this situation can cause paranoia and lead to more mental health-related problems in the future. We have been constantly asked to remain calm and not to panic. Meditating with ‘om’ can
be the path we can take to be mentally happy and to build our immunity in this situation. A healthy mind is key to a healthy body.

It creates a phenomenal difference in the way your body functions. Our mind feels relaxed and stable which provides a psychological peace, reduces stress and cures depression and anxiety. Chanting “a-u-m” improves our perception, focus, and concentration. We feel a positive vibe around us which makes our thinking and speech practical as well as constructive. It improves our work efficiency tremendously and we get more productive. Our personality becomes more attractive and we find ourselves always happy and satisfied in life, it helps to create a balance in our day-to-day hefty lifestyle giving us a feeling of tranquility.

It is very beneficial from a health point of view. It improves cardiovascular function by balancing the blood pressure in the body so our heartbeats in a regular rhythm. It also improves nerve function and digestive health. It creates a vibration that is felt through the vocal cord and sinuses which clears the airway passage enhancing our respiratory system. Since we are facing a pandemic and the whole world is in a state of panic and fear, Om therapy can be very effective in this situation. In order to create a shield against coronavirus and protect ourselves as well as our family from this deadly virus, we should practice the Om therapy every morning for 45 minutes and 30 minutes in the evening.

Let's create a healthy, safe and happy environment for our family along with our community and help to chase away deadly COVID-19 from Nepal.

The author is treasurer at Pasupathi Area Development Trust

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