Give your home a facelift

Published On: November 22, 2019 11:56 AM NPT By: The Week Bureau

Your home is an extension of your personality and how you choose to set it up and decorate it can tell a lot about you as a person. However, we, as people, are always changing and evolving and it’s unfair that our décor stays the same, unless it’s time to move. Here are some ways you can give your home a facelift every now and then.

Pay attention to your front door
Your front door is the first thing that people notice when they come to your house so you have to make your main entrance striking in appearance. This doesn’t mean you have to buy and install a new one. Just check for rusty or stiff hinges, loose doorknob, cracks or splits in the surface, etc. Repair or replace the parts needed. You could also add an ornamental doorknocker, a metal plate with your house number, or maybe a new doorbell with a cool tune. Proper light or a large flowering plant near the doorstep can give your entrance space a pleasant touch.

Keep your walls looking fresh and clean
In case you didn’t know, the paint on the walls can reflect the age of your house. That’s why it would be a good idea to update it at least every three to five years or whenever needed. A fresh coat of paint will hide scuffmarks and prints on the wall and make it seem cleaner and neater. Also, don’t be afraid to play with colors. If you aren’t sure about painting your walls a bold blue or a smashing red, try creating a focal wall and just painting, say, the wall on which you have hung your TV a bright color. You could also try different techniques in painting such as sponging or spattering over a complementary solid color.

Make tech blend into your space
It’s really exciting to bring new gadgets into your home. But it can also easily clash with your interior design and make your home look messy. Unless you install speakers properly, these bulky items can look out of place. A TV can create this black hole of sorts on your wall and make the entire space look unappealing. So, before you purchase any smart devices, take a minute to consider how their aesthetic will work in your home. If you can, pick smart devices in colors that work well for your space. This way they will blend into the background instead of sticking out. And most importantly, manage your cords properly. 

Add some plants
Nothing can add life to a space quite like plants. Not only do plants make your space look vibrant, they are also great for maintaining air quality as it will neutralize many toxins found in indoor air. If you are the kind of person who kills plants, fear not. There are plenty of plants you can grow indoors without putting in a lot of effort. Consider starting with an indoor herb garden. Just a pot or two and some space in your kitchen is all you need. You can also bring in plants like peace lily and pothos in your living room as these plants are easy to maintain. 

Change the décor 
Sometimes you don’t have to do much to give your space a facelift. Simply swapping the carpets and moving pieces that you already have from one room to another can change the look and feel of your house. Take a look at what you already have at home and try to work out if they can be used to serve another purpose. Could you, maybe, use the bar table as a nightstand? The plants you have on your windowsill could probably be hung on macramé hangers from the curtain railing. Think of little tweaks like this to revamp your décor.

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