Girls with cameras

Published On: September 30, 2016 09:07 AM NPT By: Richa Bhattarai

“I want to be a journalist,” said Kamala, eyes shining, “I want to take pictures of all the bad things happening in our society, and also highlight the positive aspects, so that everyone knows of my village.”

It was the end of a two-day workshop on photography in Achham district, and the 18 girls assembled in the room were sharing their dreams and ambitions. When they first arrived at the workshop, most participants were unsure of what to expect, and quite hesitant to express themselves. After two days of learning the basics and going out in the field to shoot, the teenagers were raring to use the cameras and capture the best that came their way. At the end of the two days, they had even put up a mini photo exhibition, complete with captions and stories.

The workshop, titled ‘Girls with Cameras’ was held in four districts – Saptari, Kapilvastu, Bajura and Achham – to help 78 girls and young women pick up a skill, build confidence, and look at the world through their unique lens besides creating a happy change in the lives of girls and young women in Nepal. Cameras were then handed over to 10 child clubs in each of the districts, so that the girls will go on to spread their knowledge to friends, and also use their skills to document life as it happens.

Fourth grader Asmita cuts and carries grass to help her mother during her holidays. (Anita)


A little girl carries her brother in Mangalsen, Achham. (Asmita)


46-year-old Janak Bahadur Khadka, a local religious leader, waits for clients in his shop. (Binita)


58-year-old Bishna Devi Upadhyaya is busy cutting up twigs to make leaf plates for a religious ceremony at her home. (Chandra)


Two boys sell cucumbers near the Krishna Mandir in Mangalsen, Achham. (Damara)


 Three students with special needs at their dormitory near a school they attend. (Kalpana)


Children in a joyous mood as they play on a Saturday. (Kamala)


A differently abled mother and son stand outside their home in Mangalsen of Achham. (Neelam)


Prakash BK chops logs in front of his home. (Nirmala)


Sangita stands beside the chhaugoth (shed for menstruating women) near her home. Its door is almost half her size, and she has to stay here every month when she menstruates. (Sabita)


Mansara Bhat eking out a living by crushing stones for construction. (Sushila)

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