Girls in Sunsari unsafe from even own family members, relatives

Published On: September 29, 2019 07:34 AM NPT By: Amar Khadka

ITAHARI, Sept 29: Her parents wanted to marry Kiran Kumari Yadav of Harinagar off when she was studying in Grade 9. 

But Kiran Kumari did not accept this proposal and made up her mind to marry only after completing her school education. 

As she couldn’t convince her parents, she filed a lawsuit demanding equal property rights and equal right to education for both sons and daughters. 

Then her brother and father started torturing Kiran mentally and physically. Kiran registered a case of domestic violence against her brother and father at the local police station. When Mohan Yadav, Kiran’s father, knew about the lawsuit claiming property with him by his daughter, he immediately transferred some of his land to the name of someone else so that he wouldn’t need to give the property share to his daughter Kiran. Thus, Kiran received only one-third of the remaining property. She passed Grade 12, and is now married. 

A 14 years old girl, Nirmala Sada, who was collecting firewood on a riverbank in Koshi Municipality, was misbehaved by a local Nausad Miya and few other youths after they found her alone at a quiet place a year ago. 

They couldn’t cause much harm to her as she screamed loudly and they ran away from there. 
Ward 9 of Itahari witnessed an incident where Devendra Gautam who had come to visit his in-laws in the area “raped” a six years old girl. Gautam who was arrested for the crime is now facing a trial. In a number of cases of sexual harassment and rape, the victims’ own family members, relatives and neighbors have been accused. 

According to Sunsari police, the cases of rape have been increasing each year. In fiscal year 2018/19 there were 105 recorded cases of rape where police officials arrested 83 men and one woman. Similarly, 22 cases were filed on attempt to rape and only 14 of the accused were arrested.  
Given the increasing incidents of rape and attempt to rape one after another in the region, experts say society needs to hold awareness programs on sexual harassment targeting girls of all ages.  It has been found that many girls and children are hugged and kissed in different parts of their bodies indulging them in sexual activities by their own brothers. Professor Dr Khem Karki of the Mahargunj-bsed Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital said, “We should make children, girls and women aware so that they can immediately tell people if they are sexually abused.”   

According to the data provided by the district court, 67 rape cases were recorded in fiscal year 2072/73. The recorded rape cases were 53 and attempt to rape cases 18 in fiscal year 2073/74. Total recorded cases of both attempt to rape and rape increased to 101 in fiscal year 2074/75. In fiscal year 2075/76 rape and attempt to rape cases increased to 105 .  This shows that rape cases are increasing in the region. 

Besides cases of rape and attempt to rape, prostitution to has been increasing in the region. Specially, cases of selling children and girls to customers in order to gain additional benefits by hoteliers can be seen.  During 2075/76, some 32 cases of polygamy and 19 cases of human trafficking have been recorded. 

Binod Sharma, Deputy Superintendent Police, District Police Office, Sunsari, blamed “economic reasons” behind increasing violence against women in the region. He said, “The lack of education and rigid, conventional religious beliefs of people are some other major factors increasing violence against women.”

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