Girl arrested for 'orchestrating' friend's rape

Published On: July 7, 2018 03:15 AM NPT By: Nagendra Upadhyaya

SURKHET, July 6: A girl in Surkhet has been arrested for 'orchestrating' the rape of her own friend who was banished to Chhaugoth (menstrual hut) during her periods.A 15 years old girl of Barahatal Rural Municipality became the victim of a gang rape at around 10 pm on Sunday.

Nirmala Sharma, 16, who was accompanying the victim in the shed, has been arrested on the charge of plotting the rape. According to her previous statement, she was forced out of the shed by the suspects before her friend was raped. But the latest police investigation shows that she is the one responsible for planning the rape of her friend with the help of three other boys.The suspects involved in the rape have been identified as Padam Giri, 14, Chetan Giri, 15 and Janak Sharma, 18.

All three of them were arrested on Tuesday. Prem Bahadur Regmi, Police Inspector and Spokesperson for the District Police Office (DPO), Surkhet, informed Republica that Nirmala too was arrested on the same day but at a different time. "Nirmala was actually sent to the shed to accompany her friend who was having her periods," said Inspector Regmi, adding," So far, our investigation shows that Nirmala is the mastermind behind the rape."According to police, Nirmala's cousin Janak Sharma along with two other suspects had visited the shed at around 10 pm on Sunday. At that time, the victim was asleep.

Later, Padam and Nirmala went out of the shed when Chetan and Janak allegedly raped the victim at first. "Available evidence proves that Nirmala was involved in the planning and plotting along with the boys," said Spokesperson Sharma. Police have intensified investigation into the case.Nirmala's house is 10 meters away from the menstrual hut, according to police. Reportedly, the victim has been receiving treatment at the local hospital after sustaining genital injuries.Caption: Suspects who have been arrested on the charge of raping a girl in Surkhet on Sunday.


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