Gidikhola residents delighted as tractor reaches village

Published On: March 5, 2018 04:45 AM NPT By: DB BUDHA

JUMLA, Mar 5: After waiting for ages, locals of Tatopani Rural Municipality-4, Gidikhola have finally been able to see tractors plying in their village's road. Despite having a road, traveling in vehicles was still a far-fetched dream for the locals here. "We could not believe our eyes when we saw a tractor moving in front of our houses carrying the construction materials for the Gidikhola School," said Motiram Nepali, a local.

According to him, people of his village often wished of traveling in vehicles when they had to walk for hours carrying huge loads on their backs. "Finally our wish has come true," Nepali added. With this, farmers are hopeful that they will finally be able to sell their agricultural products in market. Even though the one home, one garden campaign was doing good, locals were unable to sell the produce in lack of transportation. Nisha Hardware based in district headquarters Khalanga was the one to take a tractor in the village for the first time.

As the tractor moved in front of their houses, elated locals welcomed the driver with garlands. Many people are happy that they will no longer have to struggle to take patients to hospital. Gididkhola, which is considered as one of the underdeveloped village of Tatopani Rural Municipality is expected to benefit with the availability of transportation services. 
Locals have also urged authorities concerned for building a concrete bridge over the Tila River to ensure unrestricted vehicular movement in monsoon.  By carrying construction materials on their back, locals here have constructed community building, school building, government and non-government organizations. But they will no longer have to do that.

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