Getting fit with YouTube

Published On: April 6, 2018 09:12 AM NPT By: The Week Bureau

Don’t have time to hit the gym or the money to splurge on a personal fitness instructor? There is no need to worry. YouTube can get you connected with the best trainers, dieticians, and health freaks from around the globe. Wherever you are, you can get complete workout videos, healthy eating tips, recipes and expert instructions in just a click. To help you get some substantial information about fitness, health, body, and lifestyle, we at 

The Week have compiled a list of some of the best YouTube channels. Here is your complete guide to leading a healthy life.  

If you want to get in shape staying at home then this is the channel you need to follow. FitnessBlender is a YouTube channel owned by the husband and wife duo, Daniel and Kelley. They are especially popular for their cardio weight-loss workouts. 

Nevertheless, they can also provide you with a variety of exercises targeting specific parts of your body. FitnessBlender has a huge library of workout videos and they even upload new workout videos every week according to their viewers’ suggestions. The best part about this channel is that you will require very few or no equipments to complete a full fitness regime each day. 

Lastly, you don’t even have to worry if you have a puppy at home that disturbs you during your workout. They have a ‘workout with your puppy’ video as well. It really can’t get any better than that. 

Amanda Russell
Amanda Russell has a wide array of videos on her channel that will help you tone and sculpt your entire body. Through her popular website, she provides you with effective fitness programs especially designed for women. 

Amanda Russell was a former athlete, fitness model, and a fitness coach. In her YouTube channel, she brings together her love for healthy diet, cooking, fitness, style, and healthy travelling as well.  

She uploads new episodes of workouts every week and her fun loving, charming and sassy personality will have you glued to her channel in no time. Follow her and you will be addicted to her healthy lifestyle and fitness regime. We assure you that it will serve you well. 

Sweet Potato Soul 
Sweet Potato Soul by Jenne Claiborne is primarily about tasty vegan recipes, ethical fashion, and unique ways of attaining natural beauty. In this channel, you will also discover many cooking videos and easy to make, healthy recipes. 

Claiborne is known for her ‘what I eat in a day’ videos and ‘morning routines’ that will make you get out of bed. Her recipes for beautiful skin, homemade face masks and healthy meals on a budget will get you obsessed with her healthy way of living in no time. This is one complete package that will cater to all your personal needs. 

Tara Styles 
If you love yoga but you do not want to attend those crowded and costly classes then here is the best channel for you. With Tara Styles’ help you will be able to calm your body and your soul at any corner of your house. Be it in your garden, your room or terrace, just switch to this channel and have a delightful experience with yoga. 

Tara Styles aims to make yoga a fun filled activity and her exercises range from basic to extremely challenging moves. The best this about her is that she gives easy to follow instructions which aren’t very hard to emulate.  

However, you will need to pay 15 dollars each for her full workout videos. But this channel also gives you a wide range of free videos for meditation, flexibility, insomnia and strength building as well. 

Jessica Valant Pilates
This is the perfect and the most efficient source of Pilates and fitness workout. Jessica is a Pilates instructor and a therapist who has her own studio, clinic as well as online classes. Her passion for teaching Pilates can be clearly seen in her YouTube videos. 

She is also determined in helping her students reach their full health potential through her creatively designed online classes on YouTube. Jessica also has a vast knowledge about exercise-based injuries so you need to listen to all her instructions very carefully. This channel is a perfect combination of effective, fun and safe workouts. 

Fit Men Cook 
If you wish to cook healthy, protein rich food without burning a huge hole in your pocket then this is the perfect channel for you. Here they create healthy and budget friendly diets for men and women who are leading a very active lifestyle. 

This channel runs with the motto ‘bodies are built in the kitchen and sculpted at the gym’. As the title suggests, they encourage men to not only devote time at the gym but also in the kitchen for their entire family’s wellbeing.  

Kelvin, the host, provides his viewers with lots of cooking tips and interesting techniques to save money while grocery shopping. They understand that everyone cannot live on a vegan diet so they incorporate a wide range of non-vegetation recipes for their viewers.  

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