Foreigners attracted to Nepali language

Published On: July 24, 2018 03:05 AM NPT By: KAMAL RAJ BHATTA

KATHMANDU, JULY 24: The classroom was packed with foreign students; teachers were lined up in the front to deliver lectures at the orientation class for the Nepali language course on Wednesday at the Campus of International Languages, Exhibition Road. The campus will be starting classes for the first semester students of Nepali language course from Tuesday. Altogether 154 foreigners have been admitted for the course where study groups of 25 students each have been divided for convenience in teaching.

According to Campus Chief Bhim Regmi, most of the students studying the course are from the United States, Korea and Japan. The campus also conducts courses for Sanskrit and Newari languages. There are currently 236 foreigners learning the Nepali language in the campus. Of them, 154 are in the first semester, 41 in the second, 18 in the third, six in the fourth, nine in the fifth and two in the final semester.

What attracts foreigners to the Nepali language?

Australian student Miya who was attending the orientation class said that she was drawn to the Nepali language because of the Nepali society, culture and hardworking nature of Nepalis. She came to Nepal three years ago following in the footstep of a friend who came to Nepal as a volunteer teacher for the children in Sindhupalchowk in the aftermath of the 2015 mega earthquake.

She made up her mind to learn Nepali after her students questioned, “We speak your language fluently, won't you learn ours?” She was attracted by the Nepali culture too. Miya has made up her mind to stay in Nepal till death.

Japanese citizen Thakuma came here to learn the Nepali language to communicate properly with Nepalis back in his nation. “There are many Nepalis in my village. I became interested in learning Nepali after speaking to them,” he said, “After I learn the Nepali language, I will return to Japan and speak in the language with the Nepalis there.”

British citizen David was attracted to the Nepali language because of the religious and cultural aspects of Nepal. “I didn't find peace in London, I found it here in Kathmandu,” he said, “I want to stay in Nepal as long as I live. I am worried if I will be granted a visa.”

Teacher Krishna Poudel said that most of the foreigners who learn the Nepali language are attracted by the hardworking nature of Nepalis and culture and climate of Nepal. Poudel added, “They are also attracted by the low-cost of education and living in Nepal.”


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